Downbeat Box


A great collection of ambient tools

The Instrument

Downbeat encompasses a wide variety of music-styles. But it´s much wider than those terms of “laid-back electronic music” alone would indicate. Downbeat Box is a fresh and exciting exploration into this world – highly playable, this essential selection will be a wonderful resource for use in a broad range of music styles such as electronic, pop and score music productions.

The Content

Downbeat Box is fed from many organic as well as synthetic sources. Beautifully sampled from such diverse sources as voices, whistling noises, feedbacks, guitars and sounds and slices of the subtractive synthesized legendary KORG MS20, the package contains a mishmash of pads & textures, beats, rhythms, percussions, add-ons and solo-sounds. Check out all the opportunities the instruments provide by using the modwheel or the programmed surface of Kontakt.

The Package

14 Patches: 5 pads & textures, 5 synths & bass, 4 MS20 percussion. For more details please read the manual.
Kontakt 3 full version is required

Listen to the Downbeat Box Instruments

TRANSITION just the Downbeat Box Score, © by EvG
BEAUM Autoharp, Glass, Ocean Drum, Spring Drum, Zeitter & Winkelmann Score, © by EvG
MOTION just Downbeat Box Score, © by EvG