The Instrument

The Bowl is a very ordinary bowl made of crystal glass which is commonly used for special occasions. Its diameter covers an amount of nearly 13 inches.

A salad bowl ? Why not?

The Content

We hit the bowl with a couple of different mallets such as felt mallets, a plastic mallet, a leather mallet and a wool mallet. Finally we knocked on the bowl with our knuckles. All these variations are playable via key switches which will be displayed on the GUI to maintain the overview.
In order to provide a natural feeling we recorded 5 Round Robin variations each and added several options to shape the sound to your own requirements. We included distortion, EQs, a rotary simulation, reverb and delay. Furthermore you can add a vibrato by moving the modulation wheel. In order to achieve textures or pad sounds you can easily adjust the length and the attack of The Bowl.
All in all we are now coming up with a mallet instrument providing loads of different and unique sounds.

The Package

1 complex patch including default arpeggiator.
For more details please read the manual.
Kontakt 4 full version is required

Listen to The Bowl

OPEN WINDOWS additional: Autoharp, Cement 2, Monochord and Jetlag Score, © by EvG
LURKING BEHIND THE TREES additional: Gecko Eerie Textures and Experimental Box 2 Score, © by R Bretschneider