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A most versatile instrument concept


GECKO is a novel instrument concept for NI Kontakt 4 or higher, which gives you the ability to quickly compose countless variations of certain instrument categories such as "Strings", "Mallets", "Environs or "Percussion" etc.
The principle of Gecko is based on the simultaneous use of up to 6 sounds - each of them can be loaded into sound slots with an excess of 20 well prepared sound sources which come from the entire Cinematique Instruments library enriched by several new sound creations. Further information about the work and the controls of Gecko appear later on this site.

Recent Update 2.0 - What´s new?
Beside general performance enhacements, the improvement of all presets, a new GUI and an additional delay, it features a new option called FLYING TABLE. - By enabling the Flying Table© switch, the volume fader of each instrument automatically starts to move around the previous set amount. You can adjust the tempo and the range of this self oscilating volume movement. (For updating fo version v2 please visit our Update page. For more details, please check the Gecko reference manual.

To see how Gecko works, please check out our free version here.

There are 9 different Gecko instruments available: (see below for more detailed infos)


COMPLEX ENVIRONS - This is the Swiss army knife!

Ever played Mabuse with circades or ever heard water drops added to a thursty man? A most interesting tool !This gecko provides a great deal of options: simple but interesting pads, living textures, unusual movements or vanguard sounds. An excess of 20 sound sources to combine are giving a great choice!

Complex Environs demo track: "Serious Decision" © by EvG

Single Price: 25 EUR.

CHEAP KEYS - Odd and headstrong keys!

Did you know what it sounds like when you combine Grandma´s Piano, a Super Sound and a C64 Piano? This gecko shines with an unusual and exceptional assortment of keyboard sounds such as old rhodes, cheap synthetic e-pianos or charming organ sounds - enriched by various vintage synths, lo-fi guitars and noises.

Cheap Keys demo track: "Walking Easy" © by EvG

Single Price: 25 EUR.

EERIE TEXTURES - The experimental one!

Have you always wanted to compose your own extensive sound sculpture? This gecko delivers just about all you need: dark tonal textures, strange sonic figures and eerie sound sources such as waggon crackling or pan-fry noises.
Having said this, it is more than logical that this Gecko is best suitable for composing wonderful dark and expressive sound textures or experimental non-harmonic sound movements. Although its sound options make it a perfect match when writing score or theatre music, you can exploit it for any kind of music at all.

Eerie Textures demo track: "Woodey" © by EvG

Single Price: 25 EUR.

GLITCHY RHYTHMER - Get the unique rhythm to your music!

The right tool to lend distinction to the rhythmic base of your music. This gecko comes with an assortment of over 20 unique, glitchy and unusual add-on rhythmic and percussion loops.
All of them are tempo-synced. Feeded on the percussion sounds of the "Experimental Box I + II", the " Downbeat Box" and some new sounds (upcoming releases), the loops are best suitable to complement all different sorts of rhythms: pop, rock, electronic or the major chasing-cue of your movie. And to keep in mind: you can use six of them at a time!

Glitchy Rhythmer demo track: "Follow the Black Sign" © by EvG

Single Price: 25 EUR.

KALEIDOSCOPE new v 1.5. - Deep atmospheres

Gecko Kaleidoscope is a wonderful tool for big and deep motion pads and background ambients. It covers a wide range, from bright electronic ambients to spheric string textures, over deep background pads to fx sounds. All these sounds will be useful and inspiring for your work. They will fit into many styles of music and will give your piece of music a special kind of depth and richness! More infos here
Gecko Kaleidoscope is the first Gecko running with the newer version:
Now, each slot is equipped with a separate high-, lowpassfilter, pitch, reverb and delay knob and Kaleidoscope provides "Free Draw", a new volume modulation feature. More infos at the Kaleidoscope webpage

Kaleidoscope demo track: "Night Walk" © by EvG

Single Price: 45 EUR.

KASIMIR AND KAROLINE - Deep atmospheres

The Gecko Kasimir und Karoline provides a great range of sounds: Atmospherique stringpads, weird atmospheres such as found in Eerie Texture Gecko, bright and complex textures as well as special FX sounds such as "Kinderplatz", "Oktoberfest" and "Lost Bells" and many more. This great mixture will fit perfectly into many styles of music, but will specially find its perfect purpose in individual and extraordinary scores. More infos at the K & K webpage

Kasimir and Karoline demo track: "Angelo Strings" © by EvG

Single Price: 30 EUR.

METAL STRINGS - a multi string patch!

This gecko contains several string instruments of our library in one patch: Autoharp, Celtic Nylon Harp, Kantele, Monochord and the newbies Hammeres Dulcimer and Guitar Harmonics! The right instrument to give your music a bright shimmer.
You get wonderful options to mix them all as you like. Maybe a notch more Kantele? Sherlock Holmes sends you his regards!

Metal Strings demo track: "Dracul" © by EvG

<Single Price: 25 EUR.

ODD MALLETS - This is the mallet master!

Rarely it has been so easy to create your own mallet sound - just like a cooking recipe: 2 pound of Marimba, a pinch of Draft Rhodes, a dash of Glockenspiel and a spoon full of Gas Bottle
Mmmmh - sounds delicious! Odd Mallets delivers a wide range of sound sources such as bells and glockenspiel, marimba, iron and weird metal, short guitar, keyboard sounds and some strange noises. And can imagine the results the randomize function will deliver!

Odd Mallets demo track: "Woven" © by EvG
Odd Mallets demo track: "Leisurely Home" © by EvG

See also the video "Odd Mallets meets an arpeggiator"
Single Price: 25 EUR

WARM PADS - The Pad Maker!

Imagine, you´re working on the chorus of a pop song and looking for the right pad! This gecko is the right tool for you. Compose the pads exactly you expect them!
No matter if you´re looking for synthetic orchestra strings, a calm and relaxed fundament for a piano track or some melancholic movement - you get it with Warm Pads. A collection of 6 different warm and rich pads offers a wide range of application. Warm Pads provides a brand new feature of Gecko: A solo switch to play each sound slot separately!

Warm Pads demo track: "Transcending" © by EvG
Warm Pads demo track: "Lone Pine" © by EvG

Single Price: 36 EUR.

What do they say?

Theodore Shapiro - Filmmusic composer of "The Devil wears Prada"," Tropic Thunder", "Dinner for Schmucks"

I am incredibly excited about Gecko. I love sounds that come across as a blend of acoustic and electronic, that make the listener sit up and wonder, "What WAS that thing?". Gecko is perfect for this, and allows the composer endless possibilities to morph the sounds in real time and create things never heard before. I expect to be putting it to use soon, and often.

Guy Sigsworth - Composer, producer and songwriter, worked with Seal, Björk, Madonna, Britney Spears

I think there are some very interesting ideas here - my favourite parts are the soundtrack-type textures found in Complex Environs. Certainly the instrument is easy to use, and easy to tweak.

Michael Brook - Filmmusic composer of "Into the Wild", "The Fighter"

I like it a lot. It's a very inspiring and musical instrument.

David Buckley - Filmmusic composer of "From Paris with Love", "The Town"

I really enjoyed Gecko. This is the kind of interface I like. Press a button here, pull down a fader there, and you can sculpt a sound to the way you like it. It fits perfectly with my other percussion and has just the right amount of esotericism about it. I like it a lot, and it sounds very nicely next to the MS20 Rhythm Perc Bank which I also love.

Steven Tavaglione - Musician and Sound Designer, played for "American Beauty", "Oceance Twelve", "Brothers"

These days, more often than not, sample libraries are released that dictate to the user what can or cannot be played. This pretty much excludes the spirit of adventure for myself. What i enjoy about Gecko is the fact that one doesn't have to be satisfied only with the patches supplied. I can randonmise these Geckos infinitely and save the combinations to my palette...

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