Ensemblia 1.5 Stringed

65 €

Our unusual strings

What is Ensemblia Stringed?

This new member of the Ensemblia family is focused on traditional and unusual string instruments in all shapes and forms.

Generally, Ensemblia was built to easily create beautiful polyphonic arrangements and textures while you are just playing chords or single notes. We didn´t recorded phrases, a powerful 16step arranger will do it.

Ensemblia can layer up to 7 instruments at the same time and gives you a quick access to a broad range of timbres and tone colors while playing. A special voicing engine will split your notes and chords automatically into separate voices and lets you individually assign them to each particular instrument.

The complete instrument list

Stringed InstrumentsAutoharp
Hammered Dulcimer (Sus, muted)
Guitar Harmonics (elec, accoustic)
Nylon Harp
Ukulele (Tenor, Sopran)

The Voicing

Ensemblia Stringed is equipped with a voicing engine that lets you easily spread certain voices to particular instruments. While playing notes or chords Ensemblia automatically analyzes your playing and splits all incoming notes into 5 voices which are low – midlow – mid – midhigh – high. You can separately assign these 5 voices to each instrument and step at your own requirements.

The Arranger

The arranger is a powerful 16 step ostinato engine that sets the velocity, the voicing and the octave for each step and instrument separately. It plays the flexible patterns using only notes and chords that you are holding down. As a result you get versatile and inspiring musical patterns and riffs playable in all ranges and speed variations. There are no pre-recorded phrases! Optionally you can play in- or off-sync.

For more details, please check the manual. You can download the reference manual 1.5 stringed here. Or watch the walkthrough videos (see below). Or please read the wonderful reviews at "Sound on Sound" and "Film And Game Composer"

In order to use Ensemblia Stringed Kontakt 4 full version is required.

You can also purchase all 3 Ensemblia instruments in a bundle for only 349 € (approx. 360 USD). Please check our bundle page here.
Customers who have already purchased Ensemblia 1.5, please ask for special bundle price!


Stringed - Mixer View

Stinged - Instrument Selection View

Listen to Ensemblia

Venturio Several Ensemblia (incl. Strings) and upcoming percussion Score, © by Eric van Gent
Fantastique Several Ensemblia (incl. Strings) Score, © by Arthur Hendricks
Marbles in the hourglas Several Ensemblia (incl. Strings) Score, © by Hinnerk Hamann
Flowers 3 Ensemblia and Upright Piano Score, © by EvG
Short and Low 7 x Ensemblia (incl. Strings) and external drums Score, © by Hinnerk Hamann

Watch Ensemblia

Ensemblia Walkthrough - The new flavors.

Ensemblia 1.5 - Walkthrough

The instrument assortment of Ensemblia Stringed.

How to use keyswitches

Behind the scenes