Deconstructed Piano/ Ableton version

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The Instrument

Even if the word „Piano“ is included in the Deconstructed Piano, this instrument isn't quite like anything you would expect as a piano. Explore a familiar sound of a piano in a complete new way. Play textures, strikes, hits and sustained sounds including screws. The variations of this piano are exhausted to the limit.

The ../content

Deconstructed Piano: the name explains itself. We have disassembled a piano to its soundboard and have worked on this in many different ways: we have played, hit, stroke and destructed the piano with a wide range of materials. We have used a regular piano hammer, different kinds of mallets such as a felt or a wollen ones, screws, plecs, sticks, thumbs and even straws to coax new inspirational harmonic sounds from the instrument. In order to achieve additional perucussive material.
We have also recorded plenty of textures, soundscapes and noises of the piano by scrubbing, hiting or playing the soundboard. While disassembling the piano we have recorded all that noises of destruction done with a sledgehammer and put this into an extra patch as well as in a special categorie inside the textures patch.

Deconstructed piano is a great collection of sounds, noises and textures exclusively created with a piano. It totally convinces with its diversity. No matter if you are using the powerful short hit from a metal bar, using the gentle screw piano sounds to give your music a subtile highlight or using the massive strike sounds to create great impacts, the Deconstructed Piano adds a new color to your sound.

Sound Layers

Each individual sound layer includes its own parameter module. You can access this module by double clicking the DP-Layers list. All of the instrument layers have been color coated and are shown in the same way. Every module is able to adjust the attack, release and spread parameter of the sampler.

Metal and Muted have an extra set of knobs in which the user can adjust the volume of each individual sampler in order to have more control over the sound. There are also free slots available for extra parameters.

FX Layers

The FX Layer consist on 4 different simplers, each with a distinctive atmospheric or percussive sample that was recorded while destroying the piano. This sounds are a very complex combination of frequencies very rich in harmonics. By mixing this layers together you are able to create a very distinctive soundscape that can be perfectly customised for your creative needs. Additionally we added 4 extra knobs, one for each individual layer. With this knobs you can control some parameters of each simpler which add more variations to the samples and the to the overall mix.

Atmos Layers

The Atmos Layer module is a simpler with a complex sound texture created by hitting the frame structure of the pianos ́soundboard. The result is all the strings of the piano structure vibrating at the same time, this creates an un-tuned soundscape perfect for neutral atmospheres and layered sound design.

For more details please read the manual.

Ableton Suite version 9.7 is required.


x.mp3Dark Alley 4 x Ableton Deconstructed Piano Score © by Juan Orjuela
x.mp3Monster 5 x Ableton Deconstructed Piano Score © by Dürbeck & Dohmen
x.mp3Blinkin Lights 3 x Ableton Deconstructed Piano, Ensemblia Percussion Score © by Juan Orjuela
x.mp3Buash 2 x Ableton/Kontakt Deconstructed Piano, Ensemblia Percussion Score © by Juan Orjuela
x.mp3Screwes 3 x Ableton Deconstructed Piano Score © by Juan Orjuela
x.mp3Stubborn 3 x Ableton Deconstructed Piano, Drums Score © by Maximilian Unuetzer


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