Guitar Harmonics v2


Fine and Gentle - Guitar and Bass Flagolets!

The Instrument

On string instruments, players can cause a string to vibrate only in sections by touching it lightly at the appropriate point. This can produce a pure and clear note of a cool, silvery quality. It is called ‘flageolet notes’ or ‘harmonics’.

The ../content

’Guitar Harmonics’ consists of an assortment of electric and acoustic guitars and basses. We spent a lot of time finding the perfect setup to achieve a warm and realistic sound. In the end we decided to record the guitars tuned in open E with 3 Round Robin variation and particulary several velocity layers – sufficient for our purposes. Besides, each instrument provides a lot of useful scripting tools such as note length control (release and attack), EQ switch, amp simulation, distortion and reverb amount.
Summing up these tools enable each instrument to produce a wide spread of sounds such as organic reverse guitars, fragile string notes or warm e-piano tones.

Update:In 2015 we updated the Guitar Harmonics and put together all separate patches into one complex patch covered by a brand new GUI. It is now possible to select between all instruments in one patch enriched by several new fx options.

The Package

The Guitar Harmonics 2 comes along in one complex patch with all 7 kinds of guitar and bass (approx. data size is 650 MB). For more details please read the reference manual. In order to use the Guitar Harmonics 2 without restrictions Kontakt 4 full version is required

Listen to Guitar Harmonics

FRAGILE additional: Gecko Family Score, © by EvG
HARMONIC ARP BELLS additional: Gecko Family Score, © by EvG
4 TICK additional: Electro Partner, external Strings Score, © by EvG
FIVE YEARS additional: external strings Score, © by EvG