Sapphire 60

15 €

The 60ies Beat Organ

The Instrument

The source of the Sapphire 60 organ is the Hohner Symphonic 30N combo - a small organ, which was famous for its mean and unique sound mostly used in sixties beat music. In the 70ies famous bands such as Led Zeppelin used the organ during its 1972/73 UK tour. It is a four octave mobile organ with 8 registers: two of the 16", four of the 8" and two of the 4" octaves - each of them switchable. Besides that you have switches for vibrato and brilliance.
Instead of transistors it uses glass tubes.
A review from the sixties says: " The build quality is top notch […] it can shock the living piss out of you if you're used to working with solid state circuitry.
Our Sapphire 60 is - typically for Cinematique Instruments - very versatile and suited for loads of music genres such as british rock, reggae, ska, pop and even scoremusic.

The ../content

We recorded all of the eight registers in steps of 3 semitones. In contrast to the original organ concept which allows only to switch the register on or off each register can now be mixed in separately via faders. Besides that we provide two different kinds of vibrato, a rotary speaker fx, a distortion and a cabinet simulation. You get a button to control the amount of delay and reverb. Furthermore you get buttons to save (and reload) the whole setting of the organ. To get quick access to the abilities of the Sapphire 60 we provide some presets which cover a wide range of sounds - sounds for nearly every taste.

The Package

You get one complex patch with all the above mentioned features. For more details please read the manual.
Kontakt 3 full version is required

Listen to Sapphire 60

MR INGLESTEAD additional:Baritone Ukulele, Percussion Set, Upright Piano and external strings Score, © by EvG
DELICS additional: live bass and percussion/ drums Score, © by Olaf Didolff
PLAYING ALONG…/td> just Sapphire 60 Score, © by EvG
OLLIE & THE 60 DIAMONDS additional: external drums & vox Score, © by Olaf Didolff