A warm piano

The Instrument

Upright Piano is a further development of our lovely and beloved Zeitter & Winkelmann piano, we released in 2009. In contrast to this earlier version Upright Piano is a bright and high quality upright piano for contemporary uses.
As bonus we deliver the old and draft Zeitter & Winkelmann patches.

The ../content

In order to achieve a rich, natural and warm piano sound we spent several days just checking out the right microphone positions. After finding the right set up the piano was tuned finely and we started the extensive recordings (mostly 5 velocity layer). Finally we added some very nice and intelligent scriptings to get a perfect balanced and versatile piano sound which is best suited for numerous music genres. The results are most convincing.
The Upright Piano provides 6 presets in order to quickly change the sound colour. The presets are called “Natural”, “Ambiance A+B” (cinematic), “Pop” (sharp) “RnB” (groovy), “80ies”. You also get knobs to control the warmness, the bottom, the reverb and the length of the piano. Furthermore there are switches to choose the reverb room size, to activate EQ, timbres and a honky-tonk simulation.
Besides the normal patch of sustained notes the Upright Piano provides further patches such as plucked and struck notes and fx patches such as textures, impacts and glissando.

The Package

Upright Piano contains 7 patches: main piano, bowed, struck, pad (processed plucked notes), FX destroy, FX glissando, FX textures.. For more details please read the manual.
Kontakt 4 full version is required

Listen to Upright Piano

PAVANE POUR UNE INFANTE just Upright Piano Classical, © by Maurice Ravel
NORTHERN LIGHTS just Upright Piano Score, © by Blake Ewing
HOLGER SACHT NIX additional: Magnus Organ, Gecko Odd Mallets and live guitar and external strings Score, © by Dürbeck & Dohmen
GYMNOPEDIE NO.1 Just Upright Piano Classical, © by Erik Satie
LEAVES - Classical, © by EvG