Ensemblia 2 Industria


Raw and Powerful
Organic Percussion

What is Ensemblia

Ensemblia 2 Industria is a brand new flavour of our succesful Ensemblia Percussive line. Ensemblia is a complex 7 track Multi Beat Engine equipped with hundreds of beats and single sounds. Best suitable to easily create a wide range of rhythms. By using its easy-to-use Live FX feature you can shape the beats in realtime.
If you like to know more about Ensemblia2 Percussive and its concept, please read the manual or visit the Ensemblia 2 website.


Over the last years we collected and recorded a huge amount of rude ( and harsh organic sounds which can easily be associated with an industrial setting. We did extensive recording sessions in a smithy where we captured a wide range of tools such as hammers, wrenches, metal bars, saw blades, cans and tins. We also recorded plates, drawers and bars of a huge kitchenette made of iron. Furthermore we collected sounds from a gigantic telescope and the corresponding labs and added noises of electric machines. Finally we created sound by manipulating, editing and processing various software and modular synthsesizers.

The result is divers and versatile. It was very important for us to cover a gamut of musical possibitlies with Ensemblia2 Industria. Aside from powerful and blasting beats you can just as easily create tiny metallic phrases as well as unique organic percussion. You can easily produce rude and raw drum loops as well as noisy steam textures. You can even generate industrial and technoid sounding beats or shuffled house loops mads from domestic utensiles. As you see, Ensemblia2 Industria is organic, unique and powerful tool for your creative vision.

With Ensemblia2 Industria you get about 200 predefined patterns dividied into 8 categories: Slow Side, Reduced, Beats (from Light to Shuffled), Straight Forward, In da face , distorted and cacophony. Ensemblia 2 Industria provides 123 single sounds in five categories: Metalic, Forge, Industrial, Machines, Miscellanious. In detail there are 15 strokes, 23 deep and low, 13 mid sized, 38 birght, 1 brushed, 4 eroded, 31 movings, 24 effex and 4 glitch sounds.

Jacob Shea (Planet Earth II) says ...

I absolutely love Industria!! For years I've been trying to find/create a suitable library of junkyard instruments…found sounds that could add a touch of grit. Thankfully the search is over. Industria has a wealth of found sounds, pristinely recorded and ready to use in anything from hybrid music to musique concrete

The Package

Ensemblia2 Industria comes along as one complex patch including the arranger with over 200 beats and all 123 instruments. All 3 as bundle: You can also get all three Ensemblia 2 rhythm instruments as one bundle. Here.

All patches and samples are copyright protected and comaptible with Native Instruments NKS. KONTAKT 5.6.8 or higher FULL VERSION is required. For more details and the full instrument list, please read the manual.


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Industria 2 x Industria, Piano, Guitar Epic Score, © by Niklas Falcke
InDDustRR 2 x Ensemblia Experimental, © by Frank Lebeuf
Deliverance 5 x Industria, Vertigo Strings, Guitar Nu Metal, © by Christian Hostert
Idea X 2 x Elektronika, Fine Mallets, Guitar Score, © by Niklas Falcke
Ex 1 5 x Elektronika, 3 x Industria, Synths (Hardware/ Software) Score, © by Eric van Gent
Blue 3 x Elektronika, 4 x Upcoming Melt, Synths Score, © by Christian Hostert
Tweigo 7 x Elektronika, 5 x Industria, Matimba, Vertigo, Zilhouette Acoustic House, © by Eric van Gent

Watch Ensemblia2 Industria Walkthrough

Industria in Action: Use Fieldrecordings as epic drums.