Cinematique Instruments Live

At the opening for the 10th Soundtrack_Cologne in 2013 we played a 50 min live performance at the Gloriatheater in Cologne, Thursday, 21st November 2013. It was an improvised performance within the context of the instruments of our library enriched by a double bass, drums, vocals and guitar.

Pix by Ralf Schroeder


The Live Event

complemented by evening live performances with select artists and musicians in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th of june 4 p.m. to 12 p.m.

The basis of this installation was the creative use of our rare and unique instruments within the context of a cineastic realisation, enhanced by the projection of – at times – multiple video sources. Exclusively for this event Cinematique Instruments created the new version of the “Experimental Box” which was an important element of the acoustic ambience of the planned festival production. The “cineastic installation” HELIOS intended to smoothly overcome the natural boundaries between artists and interested people from different art segments. The instruments, the music and the videos were there to inspire and touch recipients emotionally

The Musical Groundwork

Musical groundwork for the installation:
# 1
# 2
# 3

Snapshots of the evenings live performances:
On thursday with drums
Texture with glass and guitar
On friday
On saturday reverse

Music in between performance sessions:
Lonsesome bells
Going in circles