Updating Ensemblia to 1.51

What is new in version 1.51

Bugfixing, Enhacement:
- keyswitches/snapshot slot buttons are now working properly
- state of the "PLAY" Button will also be saved into the snapshot buttons, so you can use them to flip between snapshots using the arranger and snapshots where the arranger is deactivated
- fixed a few minor bugs in preset recall


Ensemblia Shorts/ longs Update 1.51
Ensemblia Metallique Update 1.51
Ensemblia Stringed Update 1.51
After downloading, please unzip and put the nki file into the corresponding Ensemblia folder.

Updating Gecko to version 2.1

What is new in version 2.1.

Bugfixing, Enhacement:
- Flying Table improvement: It now runs after reload or restart
- Gecko Kasimir & Karoline: sound improvments

What is new in version 2.0.

Bugfixing, Enhacement:
-Performance enhancements: improved scripting, new GUI
- Improvement of all presets
- New presets (particulary)

Most Important:
– New delay with the three selectable delay times
– Flying Table: automatic volume movement of all enabled instrument slots, additional knobs to define the range and the tempo of the fader movemen


Bundle instrument:
Gecko Update 2.1 Gecko Bundle All 7

Single instrument:
Gecko Update 2.1 Cheap Keys
Gecko Update 2.1 Complex Environs
Gecko Update 2.1 Eerie Textures
Gecko Update 2.1 Glitchy Rhythmer
Gecko Update 3.1 Kaleidoscope
Gecko Update 2.1 Kasimir and Karoline
Gecko Update 2.1 Metal Strings
Gecko Update 2.1 Odd Mallets
Gecko Update 2.1 Warm Pads

Please replace your older version.

Updating Ronroco to V1.1

What is new in version 1.1

-A bug concerning the arpeggiator has been fixed

– The strumming engine now has a cursor light which indicates the current bar position
– A bug which caused wrong starting points in strumming engine has been fixed
- A problem with the keyswitches has been fixed


Ronroco Update 1.1
After downloading, please unzip and replace the new nki files in your current Ronroco folder.