For our 10th anniversary we have came up with a free instrument series, which grows every month. and reflects our previous work and our way of thinking.

With Klang we try to go a different way to create sounds and make instruments. Thus, experiments, theoretical musical concepts or chance products are used as a basis for Klang Sound. KLANG shows how we see music and how important sound in music is to us.

Since June 15th we have established Klang as an independent brand and expanded it with 13 new instruments for 5 EUR each. The selection is constantly being expanded. Check out our New Website

But we still will release a new 'KLANG OF THE MONTH'.

KOntakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Average 150 MB Compressed
12 Different Instruments Free Download

Listen to some audio demos

EV4 Ege Oran a piece of score music
Klingt Doch Nik Falcke a pop track
Klang Trak Matthew Blom Klang demo sent in by a customer

The concept of Klang

The concept of KLANG is simple - we wanted to keep KLANG as clear and uniform as possible despite all the differences in the instruments. That's why KLANG actually only consists of 3 large controls as well as reverb, delay and 2 master FX switches. That's it. There's nothing more.... but depending on the instrument, this is surprisingly redefined. Try it out!

All KLANG instruments require the FULL VERSION of KONTAKT 5.6.8 or higher.

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A shiny crystal-like sound. We sent a piano through various granular and bitcrusher engines, to create this dispersing, fragile and moving sound.

Inside: Crystalline Noise - A pad with great depth and character. In the Engine you can control the complexity of the main sound, a Lowpass Filter and add a nice crushed sound. In addition to that you can turn on a Slow Attack, Distortion, Delay and Reverb.

Audio demo by Ege

The Aetherophone, or better known as the Theremin, was developed early in the 20th century, but has unfortunately never managed to set significant accents and lasting impressions in the music of the last century. So we thought it would be good to celebrate the Aetherophone once again

Inside: The Aetherophoen consists of 2 sounds: a sound of wobbling modulated Aerophone sounds called Geist and the typical outer space glide brightness. You can control the volume of both sounds separately. You can also control ther overall tone - from deep to bright.
Finally there are some additional fx switches such as Lofi and rotary. All for free.

'Reverberated Strings' - Very often we think about what will it sounds when just playing the reverb of an instrument. Saying so, Ege played some of our nice string instruments and isolated the reverb tale. The result is a warm deep pad.

Inside: Reverberated Strings contains only of the reverb tale of one of our main and strings patches. You can control the intensity of a squared LFO which affects the entire volume, you can set the frequency of a lowpass filter as well as the intesity (wet level) of a nice chorus effects which reminds in low & flutter. Finally there are some additional fx switches such as Lofi and distortion. All for free.

'Geiger Counter' — Bits, glitches and noises are always a nice rhythmic addition, if they are not enough on their own.
So we reactivated our 'former' Geiger Counter, improved the sound and put it into the new KLANG format. Check it out!

Inside: Geiger Counter contains several glitches, noises, blips and bits. You can set both the decay time and the frequency of a lowpass filter. It is equipped with a two track 16-step sequencer - where you can play 6 different sounds of Noise and Glitch each. You can also let the sequencer p lay randomly on its own. Finally there are some additional fx as well as 3 presets availble. All for free.

Audio demo (along with upcoming percusscion tool) by J

'Grained Violin' — The Klang of March - While playing around with Guitar FX pedals, René and Ege wondered what it would sound like if fed by a violin. So they quickly taped some piezo contact mics to the violin and sent it through some granular pedals as well as weird modulated delays and reverbs. After recording a lot of material they sorted all the recordings and came up with three very inspiring patches: Grained Pizzicato, Grained Col Legno and Grained Longs - together they are the new Klang instrument.

Inside: Grained Violin contains two short and one long patches of a violin sent through various inspiring guitar fx pedals. You can set the attack time for the two short patches - pizzicato and col legno -, control the volume of the long grained violin and control the entire sound by changing the frequency of a low pass filter. Additionally you have chorus, delay, distortion and reverb with 9 different types of reverb. The Modwheel changes the tone of the overall sound.

Audio demo for Grained Violin by Ege

'Silver Lining' — The Klang of February - Whenever you turn a Spieluhr (aaka music box), you are surprised how fine, pure and present the sound of it is. The only pity is that the sound is so short and does not resonate any longer.
So we set out to build a Soileuhr sound that sustains longer. We grabbed some different Spieluhren and processed them heaviliy vigorously. We layered, freezed and even stretched them like we could. The result is a Klang instrument full of grace - one part clouds and one part Spieleuhr. Check it out and have fun.

Inside: Silver Lining contains several sound files collected from processing some Spieluhren. You can further shape the Sound with tone, chorus, delay, distortion and reverb with 9 different types of reverb. The Modwheel changes the tone of the overall sound.

'Clashing Rails' — The Klang of January. A station is a huge space that creates a great sound scenery. You hear big locomotives dragging along tracks, wagons bouncing over switches and brakes squeaking - so Jumpel captured some impressions from this scenery with his field recorder, assembled it in Kontakt and added an old construction compressor that was standing beside some old tracks. The result is 'Clashing Rails' - check it out.

Inside: Clashing Rails contains several sound files from a huge station as well as one buzzing noise from a construction compressor. You can further shape the Sound with Tone, Chorus, Delay Tremolo and Amp FX and also with 9 different types of reverb. The Modwheel chnages the sound in a interesting way.

Audio demo for Clashing Rails by Nik

'Sonic Wasteland' — The Klang of December. Wandering through wastelands is something not many of us have actually done, but the feeling of it seems strangely familiar. Kind of like the feeling of a somewhat lonely late night studio session. When you are chasing ideas without having a certain goal, feeling restless but still finding creative beauty in being alone. Sonic Wasteland was created in such a setting, when Nik was recording Guitar Harmonics while tapping on his Strat. By sending his sounds through an old tape machine and adding a vintage Glockenspiel and a resonance-pad, a new Klang was done.

Inside: The Sonic Wasteland contains Tapped Guitar Harmonics that can be mixed together with a vintage Glockenspiel and a resonance-pad that is controlled by the modwheel. You can further shape the Sound with Tone, Chorus, Delay Tremolo and Amp FX and also with 9 different types of reverb.

Audio demo for Sonic Wasteland by Nik

'Abandoned Zoo' - The November Klang. Listening to some of our old tape sounds, we heard a beautiful but strange sine sound with a lo-fi noise release. This sound immediately reminded us of a abandoned zoo. So Jumpel just added another lonesome pad sound which can be morphed in by using the modwheel as well as included some fx options. The result is 2 different sounds with which you can play lonesome and abandoned atmospheres.

Inside: The Abandoned Zoo contains 2 selected lonesome atmospheres which can be morphed controlled by the modwheel. In addition, the instrument has 9 different reverb types, a tone control, a chorus insert as well as a lofi and a distortion fx

Audio demo for Abandoned Zoo by Nik

'Debussy Freeze' - The october Klang. What does it sound like when you are sitting in a concert hall listening to an orchestra while time freezes? So Jumpel just took one of his orchestral recordings of Claude Debussy and stretched it a few hours. The result is 2 different sounds with which you can play beautiful trance patterns among others.

Inside: The Debussy Freeze contains 2 orchestra atmos freezes which can be morphed controlled by the modwheel. In addition, the instrument has 9 different reverb types, a length control, a tone control and a chorus and a distortion fx

Audio demo for Debussy Freeze by Jumpel

The 'Krautrock Machine' - Cologne and Düsseldorf - can be regarded as the centre of German Krautrock music. So Jumpel thought that as a Cologne software company you should create an instrument to honour this great musical heritage of the city of Cologne. So we start our KLANG Instrument series with a Krautrock instrument - a small drum computer that tries to capture this old and inspiring spirit of Kraftwerk, Can or NEU!

Inside: The Krautrock machine contains various bass drums, snares, hi-hats and cymbals as well as a kind of musical accompaniment various synth sounds. All these sounds can be played manually or via a 5-track sequencer. It also offers reverb with 9 different types of reverb, delay, lofi and chorus FX. The ModWheel controls the length (decay) of all sounds.

Audio demo for Krautrock Maschine by Nik

Neon Tube Buzz - It's always amazing how musically ordinary electronic household objects sound. But it depends on the context. For example, the sonorous buzz of a neon lamp can give you a relaxed feeling. So Jumpel recorded the hum and buzz of a neon lamp in his tool basement, put a filter on it, edited it and combined it with some other sounds. And that's the Deep Pad

Inside - The Neon Tube Buzz mainly contains the buzz of a neon lamp. In addition, there are 2 different pad sounds that can be mixed by moving the ModWheel. In addition, the instrument has 9 different reverb types, a length control, a tone control and a chorus and a distortion fx.

Audio demo for Neon Tube Buzz by Nic

Hammered Violin - In our recording room we have a lot of xylophone mallets and old broken piano hammers lying around. Ege wanted to create a different type of violin sound, so he asked himself what it would sound like if he played his violin with a piano hammer or a xylophone mallet instead of the typical bow. So we ended up with a unique violin sound. Additionally we programmed a sequencer so that you can easily play rhythmic patterns in any way you like.

Inside - The Hammered Violin provides 16 round robins for both articulations in order to give you the necessary realism while playing such patterns we recorded. Besides that you can change the tone of the violin, add Delay, Reverb and 2 additional Master effects, LoFi and Distortion.

Audio demo for Hammered Violin by Ege

Cloud Harmonics - The idea behind this instrument is the attempt to achieve a kind of freezing of the notes you played - this is possible by a chain of delays that can all be put on an endless feedback. By using an additional low pass filter and a volume control, this created loop can then be edited to float as a kind of cloud which is perfect to be accompanied by the given gutar harmonics sounds (incl. reverse sound).

Inside: The Cloud Harmonics consists of a guitar harmonics sound, which is also available as a reverse sound. You can freeze a loop with the freeze functions and edit it with the use of a lowpass filter. There is also a reverb with 9 different reverb types, delay, rotary and distortion. The ModWheel controls the low pass filter.

Audio demo for Cloud Harmonics by Ege

Echolette Choir - One can elicit sounds from an old Tube Tape Delay, which urgently needs to be sent to the service, that were actually not intended. So Jonas sent various sound sources through his old tape delay, turned the feedback knob to insane and let the machine sing in the self oscillation and captured some moments. You can now hear the old tubes distortion which is wonderful warm and organic.

Inside: The Echolette Choir contains four different captures of the Echolette as well as reverb with 9 different reverb types, delay, a tone control, 2 alternative attack times, distortion. The Modwheel morphes through all 4 sounds.

Audio demo for Echolette Choir by Ege

Unstable Guitar - It's amazing to see what possibilities are offered by today's guitar pedal FX. You switch several exciting fx pedals in a row, play a few notes and you're already directly in another world. So René took his Jazzmaster, connected different pedals, played along and recorded three wonderful guitar pads. Each of the pads has a separate volume control to mix the sounds together. Optional distortion and a so-called "run" button are available, which automatically varies the volume values of all three parameters. All this results in a great instrument with organic textures.

Inside: The Unstable Guitar contains three different guitar-pedal driven pads as well as reverb with 9 different reverb types, delay, a 'run' option for automatic volume moves, 2 alternative attack times, distortion and a lowpass filter assigned to the ModWheel.

Audio demo for Unstable Guitar by Ege