For our 10th anniversary we have came up with a free instrument series, which grows every month. and reflects our previous work and our way of thinking. Klang is already turning one year Old and here is a little thank you: 5 new free KLANG instruments! In order to keep it tidy, we have removed the 16 previous free sound instruments from the selection. We think, 1 year for free is truly enough :)

With Klang we try to go a different way to create sounds and make instruments. Thus, experiments, theoretical musical concepts or chance products are used as a basis for Klang Sound. KLANG shows how we see music and how important sound in music is to us.

Since June 15th we have established Klang as an independent brand and expanded it with 13 new instruments for 5 EUR each. The selection is constantly being expanded. Check out our New Website

But we still will release a new 'KLANG OF THE MONTH'.

KOntakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Average 150 MB Compressed
12 Different Instruments Free Download

Listen to some audio demos

EV4 Ege Oran a piece of score music
Klingt Doch Nik Falcke a pop track
Klang Trak Matthew Blom Klang demo sent in by a customer

The concept of Klang

The concept of KLANG is simple - we wanted to keep KLANG as clear and uniform as possible despite all the differences in the instruments. That's why KLANG actually only consists of 3 large controls as well as reverb, delay and 2 master FX switches. That's it. There's nothing more.... but depending on the instrument, this is surprisingly redefined. Try it out!

All KLANG instruments require the FULL VERSION of KONTAKT 5.6.8 or higher.

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Lately we have been experimenting a lot with really old samba vinyl samples and found some extremely danceable rhythms. ombined with a unique set of percussion samples we created for some of my favorite own productions, the Bambumbambu Kit was born. Have Fun jamming to these lofi gems.

Inside: Bambu Bambu - You can decide between 5 different types of drum in 3 variations and set its volume. Thers is a 16 step sequencer and three rhytmic presets. In addition to that you can turn on a Lofi and Distortion, Delay and Reverb.

Audio demo

Our aim with this instrument was, to create a very soft, silent and gentle clarinet sound. We recorded it, and called it Black Wood Flow and put it into our Klang Engine. A very pure and flowing sound.

Inside: Skyline consists of 2 sounds: a string sound processed by a vocoder and a high tension sound whoch enriches the overall sound. You can control the volume of additional layer. You can also control ther overall tone by a low pass filter as well as an additional stutter effect.
Finally there are some additional fx switches such as Lofi and distortion. All for free.

Audio demo

'Easy Life' is simple and it is a 1 sample synthesizer. This single sound comes from our EMS VCS3 and sounds absolutely special. To make it even more fun, we added a simple arpegiator that plays the sounds randomly in a wild mix. It is always nice to see how easy good sounds can be.

Inside: Easy Life consists only out of one sample origintaed form the VCS3. You can control the length of the note, you can set the frequency of a lowpass filter as well as the tempo of an additional arpeggiator. Finally there are some additional fx switches such as low fatness and distortion. All for free.

Audio demo

Drowning in the endless possibilities of manipulating sounds, we kept on searching for more and more ways to create bubbly artifacts in different sound sources. After trying out lots of different things, we finally found something that actually feels like drowning but is somehow still transporting a shiny beauty. Drown.

Inside: Drown contains two different wobbling and drowning pads. You can set intensity of a distortion effect, the frequency of a lowpass filter as well as the note length. Finally there are some additional fx switches such as lofi and a LFO stutter. All for free.

Audio demo

We recorded a Spieluhr. We send it thru an old Uher Tape Machine. We like bad puns. We created a Spieluher. It contains options to control length, tone and a LoFi effect. Additionally you can activate an ensemble function, distortion, delay and reverb.

Inside: Spiel Uher contains on patch of processed and resampled spieluhr (aka musicbox). You can set the length/ decay of the notes, the amount of crushing and downgrading the sound as well as the frequency of a lowpass filter. Finally there are some additional fx switches such as add 3 more Spieluhr variation and a distortion. All for free.

Audio demo