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We are a special boutique shop with unique software instruments for Kontakt and HALion that give you crucial inspiration for your music production // cinematique, cinematic, virtual instrument, virtual, software, Kontakt, Halion, Steinberg, crative tools, inspiration, instruments, orchestra, strings, handpn, lute, mandolin, marble, ensemblia, colors, filmmusic, score, music prodution, composer, musik, music, sound, klang, boutique

RECENT RELEASE Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer - Bright Drones and Delicate Strumming

Stringed Update



Klang shows how we see music and how important sound in music is to us.
We have established Klang as an independent brand. Check it out at Klang.Cologne. There are lots of FREE isntruments for Kontakt as well as Ableton.

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Vertigo Glass Iron
Vertigo Cello
Vertigo Flute
Java Mallets
Autoharp 3
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