The Instrument

The banjo is a stringed instrument with, typically, four or five strings, a long fretted neck and a circular drumlike body overlaid with parchment – today drumheads. Its unique sound comes from vibrating the membrane of the body by plucking the strings with the fingers or a plectrum. The banjo is usually associated with country, folk, classical music, Irish traditional music and bluegrass music.

The ../content

The banjo we used is a 5 String Banjo with a 33 cm diameter mahogany body. We played and recorded the banjo in a number of ways to get the typical banjo sound – each in several velocity layer and 2 Round Robin variations. After editing and processing the samples we created a banjo patch which provides various styles of the Banjo, shorten notes feature, an octaver, a reverb knob and enhanced scripting. We also added the noises of strumming the banjo to this patch. As a result we came out with a very realistic and organic sounding Banjo.

Update:In 2015 we updated the Banjo and put together all separate patches into one complex patch covered by a brand new GUI. It is now possible to play all different articulations in one patch.

The Package

The Banjo 2 comes along in one complex patch with all articulations (approx. data size is 60 MB). For more details please read the reference manual. In order to use the Banjo 2 without restrictions Kontakt 4 full version is required

Listen to Banjo

GONE WEST add: Baritone Ukulele Muted, Gecko Cheap Keys, Electronic Piano Score, © by EvG
CHICKEN BANJO add: Autoharp, Upcoming “Rude Boy” drums, Gecko Cheap Keys Bliegrass, © by EvG
CONTEMPORARY add: Baritone Ukulele, Bongos, Gecko Cheap Keys, Magnus Organ, Rhodes, Shaker and real Guit Pop, © by EvG