We want to inspire you

If you ask yourself what the main source of creativity is, we think it's inspiration! That's exactly what drives us!

Behind the scenes

The history of Cinematique Instruments began in the 90s of the last millennium. We (Rene Dohmen and Joachim Dürbeck) already worked with samplers back then - at that time it was gear such as the Ensoniq EPS16+ or AKAI S-1000. It was important for us to work with our own loops and samples in order to give our music something special - our own unique sound world. Due to the fact that there were no sound libraries or other commercial sound sources at that time, we were inventive and generated all sounds ourselves with microphones or other sources - a fact that gives us still a different understanding of sound today. And this approach to sound is still an integral part of our work today - no matter whether we compose music for feature films or theatres or produce bands or artists. As filmmusic composers 'Dürbeck & Dohmen' we have written the music for over 100 films over the last 25 years and made a name for ourselves in Germany and far beyond with our signature sound. This was then also awarded the German Music Prize for Authors in 2017. - if you like to get more infos about our film scores, please visit our website.

Cinematique Instruments - In 2009 we decided to found a special company to share and distribute these instruments and sounds we created ourselves on the basis of the Kontakt Sampler on the internet. We try to see things differently, improve what's good and just let unnecessary things go - it's probably the fact that we're both users and manufacturers that shows us what you really need to make music. And apparently we manage to convey that idea, because from the first second it was a success and until today Cinematique Instruments stands for what we really care about: Innovation and inspiration.

With this in mind, it is only logical that our collection of instruments and sounds contains many strange, rare and unique instruments. Our library is ideal for all kinds of music productions that give your music a special character. Although the focus is on film music, you can also benefit from these unique sounds in various areas of music production. We are very happy to have been able to expand our team over the years with the addition of the wonderful composers and sound designers Nati Pereira, Till Metzner and Jonas Strupp and are now able to spend even more time creating lovely and inspiring instruments that we ourselves use almost exclusively for composing films.

The Studios

Our studios are located directly in the centre of Cologne. It is our creative playground. On more than 250qm we can record, play and experiment with all our old and new toys. Beside the vintage milestones of 808, Minimoog or Prophet5 we are very happy to combine all the tools with modern guitar pedals and modular electronic. We are happy to be able to forfill all our needs with these hardware. It is an inspring way to make sound and music.

Live performance of 'Wrong Turn' from the film 'Freier Fall'

A small excerpt from our work as film musicians - Creating an organic score

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