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Vertigo violin is a new addition to our symphonic range. It is an exciting mixture of different playing techniques of the violin, which have been assembled into our existing Vertigo Engine. The sound of Vertigo Violin is both smooth and rough and opens up the possibility to create very unique and soft string instrument tunings as well as more extreme and strange sounding soundscapes. And all this is - as always - very organic and lively. It fits so well to all types of film music.

In addition, Vertigo violin comes with a portamento patch that plays fifths portamento in up and down variations - all in a polyphony of 1 to 8 violins.

Kontakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 400 Samples
520 MB Compressed
Unique Sound, Several Articulations, Motion Additional Portamento patch

This is what you get

Vertigo Violin provides 14 different sound sources:
- Fragile (1, 3 and 4 players) - played very softly and close to the fingerboard,
- Sul Pont (1 and 4 players) - Played rather harsh and close to the bridgeand bowing noises,
- Harmonics (1 and 4 players) - Typical soft flageolet notes,
- Motion (1 and 4 players) - Moving between different articulations like long notes and tremolo,
- Random Bounce (Leap) - Bouncing the bow randomly on the strings or synced in half, 4th and 16th Bounce and bowing noise,
- 3 Resynthesized Violin Sounds - Fragile and Sul Pont sounds send through various modular effects and guitar pedals

All these sounds result into a wonderful tool to easily achieve inspiring as well as unique violin ensemble sounds. It gives you a rich and deep sonic experience.

13 pre-defined ensembles
in order to get pre-defined ensembles, there are 13 inspiring presets available, giving you a powerful set of sounds
let´s Vertigo go random by using the 'Dice' option

6 additional fx
beside a tone control, attack, decay there are two control called 'Fog' and 'Retro' which let the entire instrument sound vintage and rich.

6 reverb typles
beside several different sizes you get special types such as infinite and deep valley

MW volume control
easy adjustable volume control by the modwheel

Additional portamento patch
You get an extra additional Kontakt patch containing a fifth portamento in up and down for one octave providing an option to blend between the amount of players (1, 4, 8) via the mod wheel. 2 additional sliders such as reverb and tone control.

The Symphonic Vertigo Bundle

You get all the five symphonic Vertigo Instruments (Strings, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute) in one bundle. Check out here

Listen to some audio demos

Spring Adi Goldstein
Nothing But A Promise Nik Falcke
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Cinematique Joel Frias
Sense Five db Leroque
Sheer Eric van Gent

Vertigo Violin

Essentially Vertigo Violin is a melange of 14 meticulously selected violin articulations and additional sounds which can be mixed freely to fullfill your creative vision in an intuitive and easy way. The overall sound is characterised by a warm and raw violin ensemble, with a special organic flavor.

Our aim was to to deliver an unnique and inspiring violin ensemble. We recorded different articulations (fragile, sul pont, harmonics, motion and bounce/ bow) with a varying amount of players. All sounds can be mixed, tuned and panned individually. Several articulations can also be varied in the amount of players. Vertigo Violin comes with 13 presets to provide instant playable ensembles.
All of these aspects come together to form the beautiful, rich and organic sound that is Vertigo Violin. Because its unique assortment of sounds such as raw violin sounds or resynthesized sources as well as its organic human feel, it is a very special library. Please feel free to download the reference manual.

In addition to this patch we recorded 5th portamentos in both directions (up and down) and put them together in a small playable engine.

Please watch the walkthrough