Vertigo Viola 75€
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Meet the new member of the Vertigo family: Vertigo Viola
A wonderful symphonic instrument that adds raw depth, intensity and vulnerability to your music.

We are very pleased to announce the further addition of the viola to the Vertigo family. The viola - which is usually overshadowed by the violin - is attractive for us because its honest, raw and vulnerable character. And in order capture this special character we recorded a wide range of articulations as well as special bow fx sounds. Vertigo Viola captivates you with, while also allowing you to create exciting textures and intense moods.

And the best is. All with a new and redesigned user interface.

Kontakt 5.8. OR LATER
Approx. 600 Samples
650 MB Compressed
Unique Sound, Several Articulations, Motion 14 Inspiring Presets

This is what you get

Vertigo Viola provides 16 different sound sources:
- Arco (A Bottom, A Head, B, Processed)
- Viola Da Gamba (Arco and Fragile) - Sul Pont (2 variations) - Played rather harsh and close to the bridgeand bowing noises,
- Harmonics - Typical soft flageolet notes,
- Motion (1 and 3 players) - Moving between different articulations like long notes and tremolo,
- Random Bounce (Leap) - Bouncing the bow randomly on the strings or synced in half, 4th and 16th Bounce and bowing noise,
- 2 Resynthesized Violin Sounds - Frozen Viola and a Roland Juno Viola Strings Patch - 2 different bow sounds

Deep Sonic Experience
The sound sources can be shaped with the available effects to create unique viola sounds and textures.

14 pre-defined ensembles
in order to get pre-defined ensembles, there are 13 inspiring presets available, giving you a powerful set of sounds
Randomize (Dice)
let´s Vertigo go random by using the 'Dice' option

6 additional fx
beside a tone control, attack, decay there are two control called 'Fog' and 'Retro' which let the entire instrument sound vintage and rich.

9 reverb typles
beside several different sizes you get special types such as infinite, ghost and deep valley

MW volume control
easy adjustable volume control by the modwheel

The Symphonic Vertigo Bundle

You get all the five symphonic Vertigo Instruments (Strings, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute) in one bundle. Check out here

If you already bought the Vertigo Symphony Bundle, you are welcome to add the Vertigo Viola later for 50€. Just write to us.

Listen to some audio demos

Catchers At Night Marc Rohles
The Last Goodbye Adi Goldstein
Edo Vio Ege
Open Meadow Eric van Gent

Vertigo Viola

Vertigo Viola delivers full, resonant string sounds while being fragile and raw and capable of creating different textures and moods. It captures the organic, realistic dynamics of the viola and consists of 14 different articulations, plus 2 bowing effects. Like the other instruments in the Vertigo family, in Vertigo Viola, all the articulations can be mixed and matched to create and expand your vision of the viola. You can also individually pan and tune the intervals of each articulation and add effects intuitively.

The sound sources of Vertigo Viola cover a broad group of playing techniques: It includes 4 different solo violas in the Single Arco articulation, which can be played either solo or as a "viola quartet" with four different velocity layers. The instrument also contains a full and more "fragile" sound of the Viola da Gamba, which can add an even lower depth to your composition. Next, you will find one Harmonics articulation and 2 Sul Pont, which means that the viola was bowed closer to the bridge, emphasising the higher overtones and giving the viola a more metallic timbre. To add more dynamics, we also included articulations with different bowing motions and spiccatos, which can be played at different speeds. Finally, Vertigo Viola also comes with a frozen viola, a synthesised source and two bow effects.

Thers is no Vertigo Viola manual, so please be so kind to read the manual from the Vertigo Violin. Download here the reference manual.

Please watch the walkthrough