Climate protection awareness

we at Cinematique Instruments see it as our responsibility to do our part for sustainability - as far as this is possible. Therefore we have tried to optimize all actions and processes of our company as far as this is possible.

- Our studios as well as the servers of our website get their electricity exclusively from water power.
- The daily commute to and from work is almost exclusively by public transport and bicycle.
- Business trips we try to do by train if possible.
- Other areas such as heating and garbage we try to optimize further

Through these measures we are currently able to reduce our CO2 emissions by 68%. We compensate the remaining part via the well tested web portal Atmosfair.de

We know that we can't make a better climate with this and also can't reduce the current CO2 pollution, but at least we try to do our part to keep our footprint as small as possible.

UNFCC Climate Neutral Confirmation This website is hosted Green Atmosfair Certificate