Bowed Guitar/ Bass v2


Unique and raw strings!

The Instrument

As the name suggests “Bowed Guitars” is a collection of an acoustic guitar and an acoustic bass played exclusively with a bow. By playing these instruments this way, you´ll get a special and unique string sound: intimate and intensive with slight organic scraping. The bass is available as an amped or a clean version. We used a Martin acoustic guitar and a Harley Benton acoustic bass.

The ../content

For each instrument we recorded every note in a short, long and tremolo variation in at least 2 Round Robin variations. The long and short notes are key switched in one patch (not in the amped bass version), in which you can control either the dynamic or the attack by using the modwheel. You also get scriptings for each instrument providing a lot of variations such as length of release, amp simulation, reverb amount etc.

Update: In 2015 we updated the Bowed Guitar and put together all separate patches into one complex patch covered by a brand new GUI. It is now possible to balance the volume between guitar bass and change the articulation via keyswitch at the same time in one patch. Besides that, you can now shift the balance between bass and guitar via keyswitches which provide a very organic playing feeling.

The Package

The Bowed Guitar 2 comes along in one complex patch with all articulations (approx. data size is 400 MB). For more details please read the reference manual. In order to use the Bowed Guitar 2 without restrictions Kontakt 4 full version is required

Listen to Bowed Guitar

CLERICAL DANCE add: Bowed Psaltery, Downbeat Box, Glockenspiel, Percussion Score, © by EvG
SOUR BALLS add: Glockenspiel, Nylon Harp, Magnus Organ, Electronic Piano Score, © by EvG
SPEAK AND CHASE add: Downbeat Box, Dulcimer Quartett, German Monochord, Kantele, Saegezahn PopScore, © by EvG