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Cemba Beauty (Score) Till Metzner
What Do You Know About Raindrops (Trap) Nik
28 Cembas Later (Modern Score Pop) Till Metzner
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The classic Hohner Cembalet 35€
no VAT

This is the Hohner Cembalet, an early reed based electric piano released around 1958.

Next to two versions of the traditional line sound we added an articulation of the original vibrato effect as well as an articulation recorded by a Neumann U87 microphone, giving you the organic tone of the plucked reeds.

Our electric piano interpretations focus on the real vintage sound and character. The beauties we recorded are not in perfect conditions and that’s exactly what makes it so irresistible.

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Kontakt 5.8. OR LATER
400 Samples
300 MB Data
Warm and Organic
Real and Authentic

What you get

4 Artculations

- Line recorded version w/ warm character
- Line recorded version w/ brighter character
- Line recorded version with original tremolo
- Microphone recorded version

Vibrato Feature

Let a LFO modulate the volume for a wavy character with being able to control the amount and frequency of the modulation
9 reverb types

Cembalet offers a convolution reverb filled with eight homemade IR samples, from basic room to full-fledged sound design options like infinite or clouds

Easy to Use FX.

Shape your sound in box with Compression, Chorus and a multimode filter

The Instrument