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Club Zero (Moody) Eric van Gent
Three Soils (Pop) Till Metzner
What Do You Know About Raindrops (Trap) Nik
Drill Dam (Drill) Till Metzner
The classic Rhodes Mark I 35€
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This is the sound of the classic stage piano Rhodes Mark I,
first released in 1975.

Compared to its successors like the Mark II, it's less bell-like and has a more comfortable and warmer tone. Next to the traditional line sound we also added an articulation played through a Fender Rhodes Suitcase amp recorded with a Neumann microphone.

Our electric piano interpretations focus on the real vintage sound and character. The beauties we recorded are not in perfect conditions and that’s exactly what makes it so irresistible.

The result is a warm, inspiring cool instrument! But you can also purchase all vintage electric pianos
in a bundle with 30% off.

Kontakt 5.8. OR LATER
420 Samples
200 MB Data
Warm and Organic
Real and Authentic

What you get

2 Artculations

- Line recorded version
- Amped version recorded through a cabinet

Vibrato Feature

Let a LFO modulate the volume for a wavy character with being able to control the amount and frequency of the modulation
9 reverb types

Mark I offers a convolution reverb filled with eight homemade IR samples, from basic room to full-fledged sound design options like infinite or clouds

Easy to Use FX.

Shape your sound in box with Compression, Chorus and a multimode filter

The Instrument