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Unique mallets
with Indonesian flavor

Java Mallets is an inspiring instrument which offers a collection of unique mallet sounds combined with a traditional Indonesian flavor. Because of its special character it suits a lot of various styles of music.

We've captured the traditional sound aesthetic of a Javanese gamelan orchestra in detail and interpreted it to fit our way of thinking about what we expect from instruments to make modern music with - and it doesn't matter if it's a cool movie score or a fine pop song. Each instrument is equipped with multiple articulations to provide a wide range of sound possibilities

KOntakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 4.700 Samples
2.8 GB Compressed
Inspring and Absolute Unique 25 Articulations, 16 Presets

This is what you get

16 Mallet Articulations
We have collected a ridiculous amount of single instruments, with each articulation containing related instruments being playable over several octaves so you can play them over the full range of the keyboard. Additionally we played each of these groups with mallets we admire and felt fitting for the according instrument.

5 Bowed Articulations
We always enjoyed bowing things not supposed to be bowed so we seized the chance and bowed the Gender and the Saron. An instrument supposed to get bowed though is the rebab, which we recorded metal and yarn stringed. Since this has become a quite rough sounding collection we complemented this category with a rubbed gong with a calming character.

4 String Articulations
In order to furthermore enrich the versatility of Java Mallets we recorded a rebab metal stringed and a rebab yarn stringed. Each of them in a plucked and a spiccato variation.
Ombak Simulation
Ombak is a technique in Gamelan music doubling an instrument with a slightly detuned companion creating a chorus like shimmering effect. Appreciating this we created such a companion for each articulation letting you control the amount of the detuning and the stereo width.

Sound Shaping
Besides the regular tools such as envelope (attack, decay) there is an EQ, a reverb and a delay as well as additional FX options such as octaver, drive, rotary or tremolo. This is perfect to quickly change and shape the entire sound of the Java Mallets.

16 Presets
In order to show the versatility and possibility to build textures there are 16 presets available. Each one stands for a different way of playing the Java Mallets.

Listen to some audio demos

Javop EvG
Bon Nagogo Adi Goldstein
Johnny Tribute Nik
Lofi Hop Till Metzner
Alissa EvG
Jakarta´s Chant Joel Frias
Shining Star Franklly Thallyson

What is a Javanese Gamelan?

Gamelan is traditional ensemble music from Indonesia based around mallet instruments, most commonly metallophones. For Java Mallets we been inspired by the Javanese styled tradition which is characterized by a softer nature.

For a long time we’ve been fascinated by the unique timbres the Gamelan offers and have been searching for a way to capture them to implement the sounds into our music.

How we did it

Searching for an opportunity to record we formed a cooperation with Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum and their curator Hartmut Zänder to record their exhibits. While the orchestra of the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum consists of instruments that were build around 1900, the private collection of Hartmut Zänder contains modern built instruments which bring new colors to Java Mallets.

Following the CI philosophy we have developed a workflow to grasp beautiful sound aesthetics just like the Gamelan by positioning the microphones closely to the instrument for an intimate sound. Additionally we used all kinds of unusual mallets and playing techniques for a versatile use.
We didn’t aim to portrait a Gamelan Ensemble in its traditional way but we wanted to open the way to make it accessible for all kinds of music. Therefore we tuned all articulation well tempered as well as combined different instruments with each other. As a result Java Maltas is a harmonic and homogenous mallet instrument with a traditional Indonesian flavor.

These articulations combined with our sound shaping engine enable you to create a wide range of possibilities for your music reaching from all kind of mallets and keys over pads and almost synthetic soundscapes but always within the organic vibe of a Javanese Gamelan.

The Instruments

Gender / 5 Articulations
Is a metallophone consisting of thin bronze plates suspended over tuned resonators. We played our gender instruments with Tabuh, hammer, rubber mallet, finger and brush. It mainly consists of a Slenthem in the bass, a Gender Barung in middle range and a Gender Panerus in the highs.

Saron / 5 Articulations
Is a metallophone consisting of thick bronze plates placed over a resonating frame. We played our Saron instruments with Tabuh, yarn mallet, rubber mallet and knuckles. It mainly consists of a Saron Demung or Slenthem in the bass, a Saron Barung in middle range and a Saron Panerus in the highs.

Gambang / 3 Articulations
Is a idiophone consisting of thick wooden plates placed over a resonating frame. We played our Gambang instruments with tabuh, hammer and rubber mallet.

Gongs / 4 Articulations
Is a collection of several kettle gongs consisting of bronze placed over a resonating frame. Here we offer an articulation of big kettle gongs called Kenong and small kettle gongs called Bonangs which are played with Tabuh, rubber mallet and knuckles. Each of them is enriched with a collection of Gong Ageng and Kempul for the bass regions.

Rebab / 4 Articulations
Is a bowed string instrument with a drum like resonance body. We offer a yarn stringed and a metallic stringed option each played plucked and spiccato.

Bowed / 4 Articulations
For further sound design options we bowed a gender, a saron and a rebab as well as we rubbed a big Gong Ageng.

Java Mallets Walkthrough