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Granular World (Infinite Score) EvG
Tweak your own sound! Free

Korn — a granular engine, a sample player and a looper all rolled into one.

At first glance, it may not seem like anything special. Still, when you realize that you can USE YOUR OWN SAMPLES and access all the tools to manipulate them, it becomes exciting and incredibly fun!

At your fingertips, you have all the parameters to turn your sound into a granular cloud or even create extraordinary textures. The main effects necessary to achieve the final beautiful results are provided with Korn, including a tasteful endless reverb, a complex delay, high and low pass filters, a chorus with additional stereo widening, and much more.

To sweeten the deal, we dug through our archives and found some nice sounds you will get with the instrument.

And all this is for free! So, pick your waves and start building your clouds. Or just get the big KORN DELUXE version here.

KOntakt 6 OR LATER
Use Your Own
Samples/ Waves
Granular Engine
Sample Player
Lots of effects and options


If you like Korn and want to enjoy a more comprehensive and better version of Korn,
then we can only recommend KORN Deluxe. Check it out here

The Manual

The Instrument

A walkthrough/ overview what you can expect from Korn