Low Banda Brass


Living and organic low brass

The Instrument

Low Banda Brass includes 2 instruments: a single Tuba (we selected the F Tuba) and a single Bass Trombone. Both instruments cover the lowest range of the brass family and stand out with a deep and powerful sound. Currently these two instruments enjoy great popularity - mostly used in Banda Music which is a brass-based form of traditional central American music consisting of a variety of forms, including rancheras, corridos, cumbias, baladas, and boleros. Low range brass is also frequently used in Mexican pop & rock, cumbias as well as polka and traditional German/Austrian music. Whatever you do the Tuba and Bass Trombone, are perfect tools to lend your music a unique sound basis and add roaring power from down below to your productions.

The ../content

To keep the data small and the price reasonable we set the focus on the main playing techniques: long, short and staccato notes. In order to achieve a unique, realistic and organic sound we spent a lot of time finding the right microphone setup. We decided on a ribbon and two condenser mics as well as an additional bass drum microphono which was located close to the bell (used for "Tuba Short div" patch). We recorded up to 5 velocity layer in 3 round robin variations. In order to keep a very authentic sound and feel we decided to keep the tuning as natural as possible. The result is truely impressive and we are now proud and excited to present the Low Banda Brass to you. All rounded up with the CI typical easy mapping and scritping and as always a real stylish design.
It is enormous fun to play and you will quickly create fast rhythmical patterns as well as long dramatic melody lines.
Low Banda Brass enriches your music with a realistic, organic and unique, deep brass sound.

The Package

Tuba Long, Combined (short&staccato), Banda and Banda mic (seperate mic groups); Bass Trombone Long, Combined and Banda. For more details please read the manual.
Kontakt 3 full version is required

Listen to Low Banda Brass

AB GEHT DIE SAU additional: Voices, Drums and Nylon Guitar Score, © by R Bretschneider
eBRASS additional: Jetlag and Gecko Score, © by EvG
TOO MUCH MESCALINE additional: Drums, Voice Score, © by Olaf Didolff
VOLKSBRASS additional: Magnus Harmonica Organ Score, © by Markus Reyhani