Listen to Magnetic

Shure (Modern Score) Marc Rohles
Wicked (Score) Till Metzner
Spin (Trap) Ege
Cactus (Pop) Franck Leboeuf
Interstate (Trip Score) Eric van Gent
Lemon Drop (Weirdo Pop) Jon
Intense and Charismatic 45€
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The simulation of an old lofi tape machine sound

In order to achieve the warm and wobbling sound of vintage tape sounds, we have equipped Magnetic with lots of nice tools. Besides the charismatic Wow & Flutter there is chorus, bit crushing, a tape saturation and a versatile vibrato.
But also worth to mention is the noise option - certainly an unique and charismatic feature: While playing one of the Electro Pianos, you can add a noise layer to it. Vinyl crackle, hiss, wind, rain and various tape sounds are also available. Finally you can adjust the volume and tone of the noises to suit your electric piano sound.

But surley the centerpiece is the 8 different electric pianos. We re-recorded a lot of electric pianos, ran them through our Roland, Dynacord or Revox tape machines or combed through our synthesizer collection, resulting in 8 different charismatic and exciting electric pianos!

To help you understand Magnetic, we've created some presets that try to capture the full range of Magnetic.

Kontakt 5.8. OR LATER
650 Samples
600 MB Data
Tape emulation
Wow und Noise layer

What you get

8 Characterful Key Sounds

- The Rhodes Mark I:
- recorded line
- amped
- via an Echolette tape delay
- An Electro Piano Sound of an cheap supermarkt keyboard
- The Prophet 5 Electro Piano
- The FM-Synth CZ-101 Electro Piano synth sound
- An old Electro Piano patch of a Kawai Synth
- The Hohner Organetta fan organ recorded via an Uher Tape Machine

Adding Noise

Immerse your sound in vintage fog with an additional noise layer, which offers you 11 different noise flavors gathered from tape machines and vinyl turntables. Adjustable in tone.

The Tape FX: Wow & Flutter

Wobble your sound with the WoW feature or the integrated chorus
Vibrato Feature

Let a LFO modulate the volume for a wavy character with being able to control the amount and frequency of the modulation


A nice way to intense the sound.

9 reverb types

add a convolution reverb filled with eight homemade IR samples, from basic room to full-fledged sound design options like infinite or clouds

Easy to Use FX.

Dirty up and cut down your sound in box with Compression, Bit Reduction, Drive and a multimode Filter

The Instrument