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5 octaves of silky wood

The Instrument

A marimba is a percussion instrument which consists of a set of wooden bars with resonators. The arrangement of the bars corresponds to those of a piano with the accidentals raised vertically and overlapping the natural bars. The bars are struck with mallets to produce its tone. Our marimba has a range of 5 octaves from C2 to C7.

The ../content

During our stay in Australia, we recorded this Marimba in cooperation with Michael Askilll, one of Australia's finest percussionists, using his playing technique.

The Marimba has a range of 5 octaves. It has been recorded with close-up condenser microphones such as the Schoeps MK4 to achieve a rich and defined stereo sound with no room, so you can add one afterwards. We have mostly recorded 4 round robin groups with up to 4 velocity layers.

Finally we have added a lot of interesting and inspiring features giving you a wide range of tools to vary and change the sound at your own requirement such as an arpeggiator, octaver and a tremolo function etc.


There are three basic articulations to the Marimba: hard, medium and soft created by corresponding mallet types.

The hard articulation was made by hitting with a hard plastic mallet which achieves a dry and thin sound with lots of percussive attack. The second articulation features a typical felt mallet giving you a sound which balances the percussice attack and a warm richness. The final variation was achieved by playing the Marimba with a giant soft mallet resulting in a warm and indirect sound.
In order to still give the medium and soft variation a notable attack we have added an option to mix the hard articulation to it. This feature will offer some interesting combinations

The Package - Kontakt or HALion

Since August 2018 there are two versions of Vertigo Strings available: A version for the Kontakt 5 full version and a version for the free HALion Sonic Player

One complex patch including three articulations and advanced scripting. For more details please read the reference manual.
Either Kontakt 5.6.8 full version is or the HALion Sonic 3 Free Player is required. (Please download the free HALion Sonic 3 Player at the Steinberg website)

Kontakt GUI HALion GUI

Listen to Marimba

Mar Nuer 7 x Marimba Contemp © by Michael Askill
Elmon Gaush 10 x instances of Fine Mallets and upcoming Vertigo Strings Score © by EvG
42th Street Gaga 11 x Fine Mallets, Razor and Bass Harmonica Pop © by EvG
Star 9 x Fine Mallets and upcoming Elektronika Drums Score © by EvG
Sound Sample All 3 Articulations of Marimba Checking Articulations

Watch the Marimba

It shows a walk through the Marimba.

Playing along the HALion version.