Oud 45€
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Deep Strings
with a flavour of the Orient

The Oud is an old Persian string instrument with many nylon sides. We have succeeded in giving it a modern expression in addition to the organic sound and feel. The oud has a brilliant oriental sound - in addition to that, we have enriched it with many small features, so that we are happy to come out with a very versatile instrument with lots of possibilities.

KOntakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 1.700 Samples
1.7 GB Uncompressed
Four True Articulations Additional Slides and tremolo articualtions

This is what you get

4 (+1) Articulations
Besides rischa, thumb, mallet and hammer we also offer an extra slide modulation which gives the Oud an exceptional play style

Additional Fx
rotary, cabinet, waved, delay, reverb, tone (EQ)
5 different reverb types
room, close, church, space, infinite

Additional features
We included additonal features, like a tremolo engine and an intelligent slide-up or slide-down articulation. You can also shape the envelope to create different sounds.

Several presets allow you to play our favorite ways to tweak the Oud

Listen to some audio demos

Turning Wheels Ege Oran
Trem Markus Reyhani
Authentic Joel Frias
Clamotanella Dürbeck & Dohmen

What is an Oud?

The Oud is a traditional Persian instrument which gained recognition during the 7th and 9th century. The word “Oud“ meant “Wood“ in recent times. However nowadays its translation is simply known as “String instrument“. In the near East the Oud is considered as the most dynamic and most flexible instrument and is also really common in folk music. The Oud is also known as The Prince of Instruments.

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