Percussion Box

As a result of our shop clean-up in the beginning of 2015, we have taken lots of our percussion instruments out of our product lines and put them together in one big instrument collection which we call: The Percussion Box.

It now contains 8 instruments which would have separately a total amount of over 90 EUR. The instruments are:

The Percussion Box comes along with 8 separate patches (approx. data size is 400 MB). For more details please read the reference manual. In order to use the Percussion Box without restrictions Kontakt 4 full version is required


The Essential CI Percussion

1. Percussion Essentials

As the name suggests this instrument is an assortment of essential percussion sounds and articulations of all our percussion instruments. It contains bongos (1 Set), ocean drum, tabla, shaker (2x), spring drum (thunder), triangle, tambourine, a nice collection of toms (hi and low), cymbals and some wooden instruments. Just the essentials to start with! For more details please check the manual.

SCUALABBY Additional:Autoharp, Chimes, Upright Piano and external strings Score, © by Eric v Gent

2. Spring Drum

The Spring Drum´s sound is created by gently shaking a tube so that the vibrations of a spring which is fixed at a drum skin at the head of the tube, are transmitted and resonated. It produces a unique sound somewhere between a gong and a dijeridoo. We used two sizes of spring drum..
We recorded the typical thunder of the Spring Drum in loop, forward and reverse variations and we also recorded different spring noises.

ANYBODY THERE Additional:Autoharp, Downbeat Box, Magnus Organ, Zeitter & Winkelmann and ext strings Score, © by Eric v Gent

3. Ocean Drum

This is a 12“ (31cm) diameter ocean drum with double skined heads and metal pebbles inside.
We recorded the Ocean Drum played with hands, fingers, thumb, brushes and timpani mallets. We also recorded the typical sound of ocean waves by tipping the drum slowly from one side to the other.

MODERATE Additional Instr.: Chimes, Glass, Downbeat Box, Electric Piano Score, © by Eric v Gent

4. Shaker

This is a collection 5 of different types of shaker: 2 different sized chicken eggs, 2 wood shaker (small + large) and one plastic shaker. We recorded the rythm, accent and „transition“ sounds of each shaker and also the release sounds with 4 times Round Robin. It makes great fun to play shaker with a keyboard. It makes great fun to play shaker with a keyboard..

WALKING MIST Additional instruments: Autoharp, Baritone Ukulele Muted, Bongos, Magnus Harmonica Organ Score, © by Eric v Gent

5. Lids

This is a collection of sounds, noises, crashes and bangs made with lids. We hit the lids with fingers and recorded in 2-3 velocity layers and 2 Round Robin variations. We used 3 kinds of lids: 3 different deep 'low' lids, a bell-like lid and an off-tune lid called “Weird” - all of them mixable seperately.

Mostly recorded in 4 velocity layer and several Round Robins.

CLUB ZERO additional: Autoharp, Glass, Percussion Set 1, Electric Piano, ZW Score, © by EvG

6. Handrail

This is a collection of sounds, noises, crashes and bangs made with our studio handrail and its posts, as well as the sheeting of an elevator, with sticks, timpani mallets and our hands.

GLASS PATTERN additional: Autoharp, Downbeat Box, Glass, Guiro, Kantele, Zeitter & Winkelmann Score, © by EvG

7. Metalic Kitchen

This is a collection of sounds, noises, crashes and bangs made with our studio fixture and fittings. We recorded nearly everything we could get our hands on, beat and knocked doors, sideboards and all kinds of different surfaces with timpani mallets, brushes, sticks, fingers and fist

SCUALABBY Autoharp, Chimes, Downbeat Box, Upright Piano and external strings Score, © by Eric v Gent

8. Specimenphone

What could this be? It is an assortment of lots of metal bars which are freely hanging on a metalic frame. The object looks like tubelar bells. The bars are metallic product samples which are used to demonstrate different kinds of metall, different sizes and forms such as square chrome bars, brass table legs or steel poles. All this was manufactured by a smithy. The length of these metalic objects varies from 1 meter (40 inch) to nearly 2 meter (75 inch).

We hit all 18 bars and poles with a stick as well as with a rubber hammer in 1-3 velocity layer and 3 Round Robin variations. The sound we recorded with a stick are layered along the white keys, the other along the black keys. In addition to this we provide different options to shape the sound: A cabinet and a rotary simulation, 2 different delays, a reverb and a knob to adjust the release of the sounds. Finally we included the default arpeggiator of Kontakt with some presets.

All in all we are coming up with an instrument with a couple of weird and unique sounds. You can create sounds you never heard before. It is a great fun to play with Specimenphone.

Check 1 Quick test with some instances… Score, © by EvG
Check 2 Just some sounds... Score, © by EvG