The classical Fender Mark I

The Instrument

The Electric Piano is based on the legendary and vintage Rhodes Mark I e-piano which was first introduced in 1975. Its sound differs from that of the Mark II or Mark III, it´s less bell-like and has a more comfortable and warmer tone. We´re happy to say that we’ve recorded that real vintage sound and brought it to you. The Rhodes Mark I we´ve recorded isn’t in that perfect condition but that’s exactly what makes it so irresistable.

The ../content

We recorded at least every third note without looping the sound (real release). Each note is in 4 velocity layers with 2 Round Robin variations and a seperate release sound. The mapping is all from B1 to C7 (88 notes) and we added a script for controlling the amount of reverb, vibrato and distortion (Boost).

Update: In 2015 we updated the Electric Piano and put together all separate patches into one complex patch covered by a brand new GUI. It is now possible to play all available options in one patch.

The Package

The Electric Piano 2 comes along in one complex patch with all and bass (approx. data size is 220 MB). For more details please read the reference manual. In order to use the Electric Piano 2 without restrictions Kontakt 4 full version is required

Listen to Electric Piano 2

CLUB ZERO add: Autoharp, Downbeat Box, Glass, Percussion Box, Upright Piano Score, © by Chr. Hart
DIRT JUMP add: Rude Boy, Super-Sound EK-470, Tambourine Score, © by EvG