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Valkyrie Cry (Big Wide Desert Tale) Till Metzner
Caesars Car Crash (Modern Chase Cue) EvG
Winterkind (IDM) Johnny
Waiting for Lee (Modern Pop) Marc Rohles
Jason (Electronica) Jumpel
Distorted Visions (Modern Score FX) Adi Goldstein
Chase The Gods (Dramatic Chase Cue) Till Metzner
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Experience the next level of rhythmic inspiration with Rytmik 2, the latest version of our popular beat-making engine, now packed with even more exciting features. Rytmik 2 gives you access to a meticulously curated library of over 350 sound sources and more than 500 presets, covering all your rhythmic needs, from cinematic percussion to industrial, electro and hip hop.

Rytmik 2's unique sonic palette is now more modern and timely, containing an even mixture of electronic and organic sources, from massive booms and organic ensembles to contemporary and unconventional tones.

With unparalleled flexibility, Rytmik 2 allows you to find your musical language effortlessly and empowers you to create outstanding music, making it perfect for seasoned producers and beginners. Unleash your creative potential, elevate your beats, captivate your audience, and make your mark with Rytmik 2.

1.320 Samples
650 MB Data
More than 528 Beats
350 Rich & Unique Sounds

Main Features

528 Beats

Kickstart your inspiration with 527 beats that combine almost all genres of modern music production: urban grooves; phat cinematic booms and overkills; hybrid FX layers, and odd pop beats. And, of course: each beat comes with an individually adjusted "shape" chain.

350 Sounds

We went down the rabbit hole, looking for unique sounds!
Rytmik 2 contains a dynamic range from small dings and dongs to massive booms, textures from organic to analogue to heavily processed electronics, collected from field recordings, drum machines, modular systems and every size and shape of real drums and percussion we could find.

Shape your FX Chain in Real-Time

This is an entirely new possibility to change any beat in real-time to create almost inexhaustibly vartiations - completely free programmable. Rytmik 2 offers 13 different FX options you can use to create your own custom chain. It ranges from filters to volume tools, which are assignable to each slot, resulting in a clever variation tool.

Random Creation

With the Randomization feature, Rytmik 2 empowers you to effortlessly create a track/slot with unique sound, velocity, effect settings, etc. You can customize each element to your liking, ensuring that the result is both suitable for your music and compelling.

Export Midi to DAW

Now it is possible to drag your self-made beat completely into your DAW to adapt it from there to your arrangement.

Smart Sequencer

We have reduced the number of tracks to 14. This is extensive but not too complex. And each of the 14 tracks is equipped with lots of tools and FX, which are even dynamically programmable across all steps.
Kontakt Player Ready

Rytmik 2 is also available for Kontakt Player. So you don't need to own a full Kontakt version and still can enjoy all the benefits of the NKS capabilities of all NI hardware, for example, Maschine or Komplete Kontrol.

Super Easy

We've turned over every single stone to perfect the workflow and intuitive operation. In the process, we've managed to keep everything extraordinarily minimal and uncluttered - and it doesn't look bad at all.

Finding your Beat

You can filter presets and quickly find suitable beats by using category tags. And if you get stuck, just have Rytmik2 surprise you by suggesting a random beat using the Preset Dice Feature.

No Audio Loops

Rytmik 2 does not play audio files!
All beats are generated in real time by a programmable 14-track sequencer. Change the tempo without losing quality, enjoy the organic variations created by round robins and velocity layers, and change sounds and their rhythms at will.

Mix Up Tracks

Each individual track has its own button with which it can be triggered. So every beat and countless variations can be played manually.

And many little things

> Live recording while playing the beat.
> Trigger the instruments or loops individually with the dedicated keys
> Quickly mute instruments or control FX via the mod wheel.
> Shift individual tracks as well as beats forward or backwards.
> Separate delay and reverb send and master returns.

What the Others say?

Serj Tankian (System of a Down):“Rytmik II has a great combination of incredibly phat low end electronic-cinematique beats ready for composers to dial into a mix with varying time steps. I’ll be using it very soon."
Jacob Shea (Planet Earth):"Rytmik 2 is a tremendously deep and inspiring percussion powerhouse! The refined interface with the addition of many new sound sources make for an inspiring instrument that will see a lot of use for many scores to come.""

The Instrument

What is Rytmik 2?

Rytmik 2 is an innovative, modern and cutting-edge beat engine. It offers an extensive collection of rich and unique sounds and beats, perfect for massive cinematic percussion, cue scoring, electro, hip-hop, industrial genres and much more. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Rytmik 2 aims to deliver a timely and captivating musical experience by seamlessly blending organic cinematic power with electronic percussion elements. With over 350 sound sources, including approximately 215 completely new ones, Rytmik 2 offers an extensive palette of sonic possibilities. Rytmik 2 also boasts more than 500 meticulously crafted presets, ensuring instant inspiration and ease of use.

More Details...

The main improvements to Rytmik 2 are evident across various aspects. The user interface has been reorganized to provide better overviews and streamline workflow. The new static transport bar allows for convenient navigation and reduces unnecessary clicking. Besides the design changes, we have also significantly enhanced the functionality of Rytmik 2. Users can delve deeper into their rhythmic compositions with 14 instrument slots/tracks. They can also use the keyboard to trigger single sound sources or sequences. Each instrument slot features its own reverb and delay, enabling greater sonic control. Introducing true solo functionality and a button for random source choice adds spontaneity and creativity to the sequencing process. To optimize the user experience, each slot offers expanded editing possibilities with improved sound menu navigation.

Another noteworthy addition is the Shaping Page, a new feature in Rytmik 2. This page allows users to create custom FX chains with five slots and 13 modulation and shaping possibilities. The new volume-shaping feature enables precise control over individual tracks. At the same time, the variation slot adds further dynamism to the overall sound. Users can now choose specific shaping options for each track, expanding the creative potential of their compositions.

Rytmik 2 also introduces compatibility with NKS and Kontakt Player, making it compatible with Machine keyboards. The engine offers 10 reverb types (two new) and 10 delays (four new), including self-oscillating options, further enriching the sonic landscape.

Concept optimization lies at the heart of Rytmik 2, allowing users to add building blocks to their tracks without manually modifying the beat. This enhanced flexibility encourages experimentation and enables musicians to create unique compositions effortlessly.

In conclusion, Rytmik 2 represents a significant step forward in the evolution of this renowned virtual instrument. With its improved preset navigation, updated interface, expanded sound library, and advanced sequencing and shaping capabilities, Rytmik 2 offers musicians and composers an exceptional tool for crafting dynamic and captivating music with an organic cinematic flair infused with electronic percussion elements.

For full documentation please download the manual
If you have any problem while installing, please check out this link.

A walkthrough/ overview what you can expect from RYTMIK 2

Rytmik 2 // Quick Tips and Tricks:

Till shows some quick tips for using different Rytmik 2 features, such as the Keyboard Section, MIDI Export, Random Generator and Modwheel Automation.

In this video, Till shows how to best use the Shaping/Modulation Page.

Watch as Till builds an entire beat from scratch, mainly using the Mixer Page of Rytmik 2.