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Massive Beats on your Fingeretips

Rytmik Beats offers a wide arsenal of audio beats with which you can build awesome beat combinations in seconds. Rytmik Beats gives you the possibility to find the right beat for your music in a very fast and varied way, no matter if your are writing film music or pop music.

Rytmik Beats works exclusively on the basis of audio loops, which all originate from his big brother Rytmik. All beats run via TimeMachine tempo-synchronized to your host and have the same inspiring as well as unique sound characteristics of his big brother Rytmik.

Rytmik Beats has almost 300 audio loops, which are divided into 6 Kontakt instruments with 48 beats each. These 6 instruments cover a wide range of styles and since they all fit well together they make sure that you will find something suitable.

Kontakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 288 Samples
450 MB Compressed
Cinematic, Urban and FX 288 Beats
spread over 6 genre instances

This is what you get

288 Beats
You get 288 instant beats as audio loops divided in 6 Kontakt instances. Each Kontakt instance stands for a specific theme area such as Big Main Themes, Chasing Beats or Production Beats. This means that you can play 6 x 48 beats which all fit well together, all at once and in sync!

6 Kontakt Patches
Each of the 6 instances provides 48 individual audio loops spread over 4 octaves. All beats are running in tempo sync to your host by working with the Kontkt real-time, high quality time‑ stretching algorithm that gives you independent control over sample playback. Each Kontakt patch has a small amount of shaping tools such a copmlex highpass/ lowpass filter, a disortion switch as well as 8 well selected reverb types.

The Instrument

Listen to some audio demos

Massive Theme Joe
Action Q Joel Frias
Neon Ege
Chase The Train Joe
Slowly Martin Oberhausen
Into The Dark Frank Schmid

A walkthrough/ overview what you can expect from RYTMIK BEATS

What is Rytmik Beats?

Rytmik Beats is the little brother of Rytmik. All of the nearly 300 beats are from Rytmik and were resampled there as wav and are now available as drumloops. We have bundled these 300 beats into 6 Kontakt instances, which are:

  • Big Main Theme Beats
  • Chasing Beats
  • Production Beats
  • Scoring Busy Beats
  • Scoring Light Beats
  • Textures Ambiences

Each of these instruments consists of 48 individual drum loops, distributed over 4 octaves, which all fit together well. So you have 48 drum loops per instrument right in front of you and you can try out or combine these drum loops in no time. This gives you instant rhythmic inspiration and is a great tool to find the right beats for your music in no time. Rytmik Beats offers drum loops for massive cinematic percussion, cue scoring, electro, hip-hop or industrial textures.

The beats have been carefully and appropriately selected from the even larger pool of beats which are available in Rytmik. We paid special attention to the massive roaring sounds and beats that result from the multiple layering of many individual drum sounds - these sounds are actually quite often ensemble beats. But we have also focused on creating urban and unique loops that can be used for chase cues or as ghost beats for music productions. And finally, we have taken care of long FX loops that offer the possibility to create wide and deep textures.

In order to keep the inspiration flowing and allow for a fast workflow, we created a minimalist interface by limiting the functions to three simple effects: Filter, Distortion and Reverb.

And if you nee more, you get Rytmik, choose the right rhythm and change it as you like, extend it and add to it.