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Soulful Sound and Vibrant Melodies

The Tres is a versatile and dynamic instrument with three sets of double strings, known for producing vibrant and lively melodies. It has become integral to Cuban music, particularly in genres such as Son and Salsa.

We've made it our mission to capture the essence of this instrument, and our Tres provides a truly authentic and organic sound. It comes with four different articulations, five presets and many possibilities to make it sound according to your taste and needs.

Kontakt 5.8.1. OR LATER
Approx. 500 Samples
220 MB Data Compressed
Articulations such as muted, plec and hammer Sequencer, Coarse Selector, Chorus, Glissando & Tremolo

Listen to some audio demos

Beautiful Dawn Till Metzner
2 Sides Elias Blank
Etoile et toi Eric van Gent
Playing along with 3 Tres

This is what you get

Organic Sound with Realistic Feel
We've taken great care to capture the natural and organic sound of the Tres. We've recorded all the main articulations with a high-quality microphone, using four times round robins and 3 velocity layers.

Our tremolo perfectly complements the sound of the Tres.

With the mod wheel, you can easily trigger the glissando to add a dynamic effect to your playing.

Our Tres includes a step sequencer with 4 presets

Course Selector
This option lets you choose the type of string course played (octave or unison) and adjust the volume and the flam parameter.

Eight Reverb Types
In addition to several sizes, our Tres features particular reverb types such as "Infinite" and "Ghost".

Many Articulations
We've recorded a wide range of articulations to provide you with diverse sound possibilities. Each one is useful in its own way:
  • Finger: regular finger plucking
  • Hammer: the strings of the Tres were struck with a piano hammer
  • Plec: played with a guitar plec
  • Muted: the Tres was palm muted for this articulation

What is a Tres?

The Tres, also known as Tres Cubano, is a traditional Cuban guitar-like instrument. The Tres produces a bright, percussive sound with a distinctive punchy and rhythmic quality that adds a lively, soulful dimension to any music.

With its roots in Cuba, the Tres is an integral part of Cuban music and Cuba's cultural heritage. The body of the Tres, made from wood, has a distinct hourglass shape, and the instrument has three double courses of strings, which produce a bright and resonant sound. The origins of the Tres can be traced back to the Spanish guitar. Still, its unique sound and playing style have evolved over time to become synonymous with Cuban music, as it is commonly used in genres such as Son, Bolero, and Salsa, and has been played by famous musicians such as Arsenio Rodríguez, Compay Segundo, and Eliades Ochoa.

With our Tres, you can now capture the authentic sound of this iconic instrument and incorporate it into your own music, whether it is jazz, Latin or any other genre.

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