Vertigo Strings

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Deep Woven Strings

We created an inspiring new string instrument which offers an unique approach to suit easily your individual needs.

Essentially Vertigo Strings is a melange of 16 meticulously selected sounds and instruments which can be mixed freely to fullfill your creative vision in an intuitive and easy way. The overall sound is characterised by a deep and rich string ensemble, with a special organic flavor.

Vertigo Strings is the collection of many different and interesting sound sources. On the one hand Vertigo Strings provides a gamut of articulations for violins, violas, celli, or an upright bass, ranging from fragile ponticello pianissino and regular arco playing to harmonics and raw legato recordings. On the other hand Vertigo provides an arsenal of non-orchestral sounds and instruments, which prove to be interesting and organic alike. There are bowed guitars, tape recordings, a warm synth string patch as well as a vintage harmonium and much more. All of these aspects come together to form the beautiful, rich and organic sound that is Vertigo String Ensemble.

The Concept

The major principle of Vertigo Strings is to use 16 different sound sources which can be mixed, pitched and paned individually. In addition there are some master tools available for you to refine the individual melange of instruments. Finally we have added 15 inspiring Presets, giving you a powerful set of sounds to base your compositions upon.

In Detail

Vertigo provides 16 different sound sources. All of these sounds are equipped with a separate volume slider, a pitch slider covering a range from -12 to 12 semitones, a pan-pot and a solo button. The instruments are:

- 4 different violins (ponticello-pianissimo, arco, draft, harmonics)
- 1 arco viola
- 2 celli (ponticello-pianissimo, harmonics)
- 2 upright basses (draft, arco)
- bowed guitar, psaltery and a vintage harmonium
- a synth string patch, resampled Zilhouette Strings, tape machine re-recorded strings and bowing noises

All these sounds result into a wonderful tool to easily achieve inspiring as well as unique string ensemble sounds. It gives you a rich and deep sonic experience.
This is Vertigo Strings.

The Package - Kontakt or HALion

Since August 2018 there are two versions of Vertigo Strings available: A version for the Kontakt 5 full version and a version for the free HALion Sonic Player

One complex patch including 16 instruments and 15 pre-defined presets. Approx. data 0.5 GB compressed data. For more details please read the reference manual

Either Kontakt 5.6.8 full version is or the HALion Sonic 3 Free Player is required. (Please download the free HALion Sonic 3 Player at the Steinberg website)

Kontakt GUI HALion GUI

Listen to Vertigo Strings

Deep Vertigo Strings and Interval, Intimate Piano, Marimba, Fabrique Score © by Adi Goldstein
Deep (just Vertigo Strings) just the Vertigo Strings Score © by Adi Goldstein
Skip to 2 Levels Vertigo Strings, Drums, Guitar, Bass Crossover © by Christian Hostert
Menetecel Vertigo Strings and Marimba, Elektronika Ensemblia Score © by EvG
End of the Day Vertigo Strings and Synth, Ensemblia Dirt Drums, Intimate+ Piano Crossover © by Christian Hostert
Fliegen Lernen Vertigo Strings and Intimate Piano, Guitar Ambient-Pop © by Niklas Falcke

Walkthrough video

It shows a walk through the Vertigo Strings.

Playing along the HALion version - Presets and each sound.

Vertigo Strings in Action pt.1

Vertigo Strings for Sketching