Finest Orchestra Vibraphone

The Instrument

The Vibraphone is a percussion instrument very similar (and at the same time very unsimilar) to the Marimba. Its tone is produced by metal bars that are arranged like the keys on a piano, and resonator tubes underneath them. More advanced in comparison to the Glockenspiel, it features a tremolo driven by a motor, and a pedal to either let the metal bars ring, or to dampen them.

The ../content

During our stay in Australia, we recorded a Vibraphone in cooperation with Michael Askill, one of Australia's finest percussionists, using his playing and our recording technique. The Vibraphone we have captured has a range of 4 ½ octaves, and has been recorded with close-up condenser microphones such as the Schoeps MK4 to achieve a rich and defined stereo sound with no room, so you can add one afterwards. We have mostly recorded 4 round robin groups with up to 4 velocity layers.


There are three groups of articulations. The first group called “Mallets” consists of the open and muted articulations, which are natural to the Vibraphone. With the button „Pedal“ set to enabled, the instrument will play muted by default, unless the sustain pedal (CC 64) is pressed, which is when it switches to open. With the button on „Hold“, only open notes will be played and you are able to adjust an overall length.

Beside that regular articulation we added a bowed articulation, achieved by stroking the metal bars with a bow, which results in a sound with a beautiful, slow attack.
Finally we recorded some prepared articulations, which are achieved by placing coins, spoons, spatulas, washers and respectively foldpaper on the metal bars. The prepared articulations can be played apart from each other if you chose a single articulation, or mixed, if you chose „Custom“. By using the „Assign“ button and then choosing an articulation, you can set a specific key to play that articulation; meanwhile, if you press „Random“, a random articulation will be assigned to each key.

With the Solo Vibraphone we came out with a extreme versatile vibraphone instrument providing regular mallets as well as bowed and prepared sounds and a silky and organic sound.

The Package

One complex patch including three articulations and advanced scripting. Approx. data 0.7 GB compressed data. For more details please read the reference manual.
Kontakt 5.6.8 full version is required

Listen to Vibraphone

V-Vibes 7 x Vibraphones Contemp © by Michael Askill
d4 7 x Vibraphones Pop © by Christian Hostert
Solo With My Vibe 4 x Vibraphone Score © by Michael Askill
Passage 4 x Vibraphone, Strings, Drums Score © by Diego Manca Mura
Rebirth Several instances of Fine Mallets Score © by Adi Goldstein
Star 9 x Vibraphone and upcoming Elektronika Drums Score © by EvG
Elmon Gaush 10 x instances of Fine Mallets and upcoming Vertigo Strings Score © by EvG

Walkthrough video

It shows a walk through the Vibraphone.