Colors Bundle 115€
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This is our Colors Bundle - Colors is a box full of ambiences, pads and textures. You can create your own sound from a beautiful set full of characterful and lovingly selected source sounds in no time at all - as easy as mixing colors together in a paint box, simple and ingenious at the same time.

Colors will initially be available in five different versions, all based on the same engine. Each version is fed with individual sound sources and shaped by its own character and approach. Right now there are 3 versions released (A retroactive bundle for all 5 will be possible at any time)

- Score Guitar Pedals Guitars sent through a large collection of guitar pedals. This is definitely unique.
- Score Tranquil creates soft, modern and poppy pads for background, ambient, hip hop or scores.
- Score Tensed delves into the world of suspense, creepiness, horror to soundlessness.

As bonus you get a 808 beat machine - with original as well as processed recorded Roland TR808 samples.