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Fine Mallets Bundle

Fine Mallets is an arsenal of 7 mallet instruments coming in 3 patches. It includes:
Vibraphone - Bass Marimba - Metallophone - Glockenspiel - Spieluhr - Kalimba - Crystal Bowl

What is it about?

We have set a major focus to come out with instruments that provide maximum versatility giving you a wide range of tools and options to shape the sound of the instruments. In order to realize that we have used lots of different kind of mallet types as well as unusual tools such as cardboxes, spoons, spatulas and many more during recordings. Finally we have added tremolo effects, arpeggiators and other tools and effects to easily shape the sound at your own reuqirements. All the instruments were recorded in maximum quality with Neumann and Schoeps microphones mostly played by one of Australia's finest percussionists Michael Askill.
To sum it up, here are...

All 30 articulations:

Vibraphone: Felt Mallet
Bowed Notes
Prepared Coins
Prepared Foldpaper
Prepared Spatula
Prepared Spoon
Prepared Washer

Marimba (5 Oct): Hard Mallet
Felt Mallet
Big Soft Mallet
Glockenspiel: Wood Mallet
Felt Mallet
Cardbox Mallet
Plastic Mallet
Leather Mallet

Vintage Sopran Glockenspiel Wood Mallet
Metallophone: Wood Mallets
Felt Mallets
Rubber Mallet

Spieluhr: Regular
Hard Sounding
Lying on Wood
Kalimba: Regular
Noisy Sounding
Crystal Bowl: Felt Mallet
Rubber Mallet
Leather Mallet

For more detailed information concerning the individual instruments please visit the corresponding sites:
VIBRAPHONE - MARIMBA - GLOCKENSPIEL BOX (incl. all other instruments)

The Package

The bundle consists of 3 complex patches including all 30 articulations which is approx. 1.9 GB compressed data and more than 3.000 Samples. For more details please read the reference manual - Kontakt 5.6.8 FULL version is required!

NOTE: Beside purchasing the bundle of all three patches you are also free to get each of them separatly.



Bass Marimba

Glockenspiel Box

Listen to Fine Mallets

Elmon Gaush 10 x instances of Fine Mallets and upcoming Vertigo Strings Score © by EvG
Rebirth Several instances of Fine Mallets Score © by Adi Goldstein
V-Vibes 7 x Vibraphone Contemp © by Michael Askill
d4 7 x Vibraphone Pop © by Christian Hostert
42th Street Gaga 11 x Fine Mallets, Razor and Bass Harmonica Pop © by EvG
Passage 4 x Vibraphone, Strings, Drums Score © by Diego Manca Mura
Mar Nuer 7 x Marimba Contemp © by Michael Askill
Star 9 x Vibraphone and upcoming Elektronika Drums Score © by EvG
Solo With My Vibe 4 x Vibraphone Score © by Michael Askill

Walkthrough video

It shows a walk through the Fine Mallets Instruments.

Separate walkthrough videos

Vibraphone - Walkthrough

Marimba - Walkthrough"

Glockenspiel Box - Walkthrough