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Sonata #14 Moonlight (Played with Walnut / Small Condenser Mic) Ludwig van Beethoven
Pavane pour Enfantes (Played with Felt / Ribbon Mics) Maurice Ravel
Nocturne #29 (Played with Walnut / Condenser Mic) Frederic Chopin
Mood #17 (Peculiar / Consumer Mic) Eric van Gent
Soft Breeze (Cologne) Eric van Gent
A Memory You Made (Felt / Tube Mic) Marc Bezcazi
Suitable for every use 75€
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This collection of pianos offers you the right piano for every situation in everyday studio life and, with its clever processing options, is sure to provide the right piano sound for your music.

The piano set consists of 4 different pianos: Walnut (typical sound), Felt, Peculiar (a special and unique sound), and Cologne (an experimental sound). We recorded all articulations as elaborately as possible with many different microphone setups, from complex setups with stereo tube microphones/large condenser/ribbon microphones to stereo coles pairs, small condensers in the bottom and contact microphones. We then incorporated the best three results per articulation into the respective piano.

We enhanced each piano with sophisticated processing options, ranging from simple EQs and filters to resonance reverbs, compressors, reverse sounds, and a granular machine. The Studio Pianos have everything you need.

Finally, you can purchase the single instruments or buy all four as a bundle.

Kontakt 5.8. OR LATER
550 Samples
1.3 GB Data
15 Separate Instruments
Rich & Vintage Sounds

Main Features

Walnut - regularly played:
  • A pair of large condenser mics
  • A pair of tube microphones + a ribbon mic (bass), and a large diaphragm mic (treble)
  • 2 small condenser mics in the bottom of the piano
Options: EQ, additionally 3 different mixable hammer attack sounds, further 5 diverse resonance corpus, and reverb with 9 different types from which you can choose.

  • A pair of ribbon mics (Cole 4038)
  • A pair of small condenser mics
  • A pair of tube mics (Gefell)
Options: Compressor, additionally 3 different hammer attack sounds mixable, 5 different filter types, reverb with 9 different types to choose
Peculiar - special/unique sound:
  • A contact mic
  • A cell phone
  • A commercial dynamic mic
Options: 5 different resonance corpus, additionally 3 mixable hammer attack sounds, compressor, and reverb with 9 different types

Cologne (experimental):

Options: Delay, Blur (Granular Engine with delay chain), additional reverse sound, 5 different filter types, reverb with 9 different types

The 4 Different Studio Pianos


no VAT

The Regular Piano
Recorded with large and small condenser, and with tube mics.


no VAT

The damped version
Recorded with ribbon, tube, and small condenser mics.


no VAT

An unique assortment.
Recorded with contact mic, cell phone and consumer mic


no VAT

This is the experimental approach
Equipped with reverse sounds and a granular engine.

A walkthrough/ overview what you can expect from the Studio Pianos

The Instrument