Rytmik 2 Beats 40€
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Rytmik 2 Beats is the little sibling of our powerhouse RYTMIK 2, also powerful but simpler and lighter. Overall, it is inspiring and has the same unique sound characteristics. It offers a vast arsenal of audio beats to build excellent beat combinations in seconds. Rytmik 2 Beats helps you find the right loop for your music quickly and variedly, regardless of what genre you’re composing.

Rytmik 2 Beats works exclusively based on original audio loops from its big sibling, RYTMIK 2. All beats run via TimeMachine and are tempo-synced to your host software. This engine contains 300 audio loops divided across 6 Instances, which cover a wide range of styles and still fit well together.

Kontakt 5.6.8. OR LATER
Approx. 288 Samples
450 MB Compressed
Cinematic, Urban and FX 300 Beats
spread over 6 instances

Listen to some audio demos

Exit the Void (Phat Moody Suspense) Till Metzner
Caesars Car Crash (Modern Chase Cue) EvG

The Instrument

This is what you get

300 Beats
There are 300+ Beats, divided into 6 Kontakt instances. Each instance contains circa 50 beats and stands for a specific thematic style: Main Cues, Energy, Suspense, Ticking, Top Loops, and Urban.

6 Kontakt Patches
Each of the instances provides circa 50 audio loops spread over 4 octaves. All beats run in tempo sync to the host software and work with the Kontakt real-time and high-quality time-stretching algorithm, which gives you independent control over sample playback. Each patch also contains the following effects: low pass filter, high pass filter, bit crusher and transients shaper.

A walkthrough/ overview what you can expect from RYTMIK 2 BEATS

What is Rytmik 2 Beats?

Rytmik 2 Beats is a simpler and lighter version of Rytmik 2. All of the 300 beats come straight from Rytmik 2. We resampled them as .wav and made them available as drum loops, bundled into 6 Kontakt instances, which are:

  • Energy Beats
  • Main Cues Beats
  • Suspense Beats
  • Ticking Beats
  • Top Loops
  • Urban Beats

Each instance consists of approximately 50 drum loops that fit well together. These beats are right in front of you, and it is super easy to combine them in no time, allowing for a quick and smooth workflow, giving you instant rhythmic inspiration and is a great tool to find the right beats for your music in no time.

We have carefully curated the beats from the large pool of presets available with Rytmik 2. We paid close attention to massive roaring sounds and beats that result from layering multiple drum sounds. We also focused on creating urban and unique loops that can be used as chase cues or ghost beats for music production.

We kept the interface minimal to keep the inspiration flowing and allow for a fast workflow. We also limited the function to only a few simple effects: high pass filter, low pass filter, bit crusher, and transients shaper.

And if that is not enough for you, you can always opt for Rytmik 2, choose the right rhythm, extend, add, reduce or change it in whatever way you like.