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Golden Mile (Symphonic) Franz Mek
Where is John (Modern Chase Cue) Dürbeck & Dohmen
Wonder (Ambient) Ege
Jupiter (Deep Symphonic) Eric van Gent
Soft Breeze (House) Till Metzner
Morning Drill (Progressive Pop) Marc Rohles
Kojaski (Experimental) Johnny
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Centered around the organic tenderness of the Clarinet and rounded off with mellow brass, Vertigo Wind brings a heartwarming flavor of wind instruments into the Vertigo series.

Next to the meticulously selected clarinet articulations, we have added those orchestral friends that seemed most appropriate for us - our dream selection. Deep woodwinds and soft brass instruments. This addition enables you to create a broad spectrum of warm organic tones, sometimes quickly sounding like Bernard Herrmann in Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Since we at Cinematique Instruments don't stop there, we also added articulations based on warm synths. To cover the sound design area and touch our deepest primal emotions, we opted for hybrid sounds and additional instrument noises, like pure air flow and clattering lid noises.

We created a curated set of 15 articulations offering endless options to make the emotive and warm pad sounds we all need and love.

Kontakt 5.8. OR LATER
550 Samples
1.3 GB Data
15 Separate Instruments
Rich & Vintage Sounds

Main Features

Vertigo Viola provides 15 different sound sources:

  • Legato Clarinet - regularly played
  • Fragile Clarinet - played as quietly as possible with a lot of air
  • Flutter Clarinet - played with some flutter tongue
  • Dynamic Clarinet: played as if the volume was modulated by the waves of the ocean
  • pfp Clarinet - a crescendo followed by a decrescendo, like a single wave
  • Bass Clarinet - regularly played
  • Baritone Sax - regularly played, both for adding low pressure and fullness
  • Legato Horn - a legato French horn, the clarinet's best friend
  • Lofi Horns - a quartet of French horns played improperly
  • 2 Different Trombone Duos - regularly played
  • Flute - regularly played, fits perfectly in this ensemble
  • 2 different kinds of Noise - the pure air flow of the Clarinet and separate lid noises.
  • Synthed - a clarinet re-synthesized by a Eurorack module for hybrid sounds
Deep Sonic Experience
The sound sources can be shaped with the available effects to create unique wind sounds, warm pads, gritty textures and everything in between.
14 pre-defined ensembles
14 inspiring presets are available to improve the workflow, giving you a robust set of sounds.

Let Vertigo create random presets by using the 'Dice' option.

6 additional FX
Besides known controls like tone, attack and length, there are two controls called 'Drive' and 'Retro', which make Vertigo Wind sound vintage or badass.

9 reverb types
Vertigo offers a convolution reverb filled with nine homemade IR samples, from basic room to full-fledged sound design options like infinite, ghost or deep valley.

MW volume control
Add an easy adjustable volume control by the mod wheel, sweeping through different velocity zones of the samples for organic volume waves. When this option is active, the instruments are played with several (up to 5) velocity layers!

The Symphonic Vertigo Bundle

You get all the six symphonic Vertigo Instruments (Strings, Violin, Viola, Cello, Wind, Flute) in one bundle. Check out here

If you already bought the Vertigo Symphony Bundle, you are welcome to add the Vertigo Viola later for 50€. Just write to us.

The Instrument

Vertigo Wind

Vertigo Wind is a collection of 15 meticulously selected reeds, brass articulations, and additional sounds that can be mixed freely to fulfil your creative vision intuitively and easily.

The overall sound is characterized by a warm, airy ensemble with a unique, organic flavor. We recorded several wind instruments with varying articulations to deliver unique and inspiring organic sounds. All those sounds can be mixed, tuned and panned individually. Vertigo Wind+ has 14 presets to provide instantly playable ensembles. These aspects combine to form the beautiful, rich, organic sound of Vertigo Wind+. It is an exceptional library because of its curated assortment of sounds, such as airy reeds or warm brass sounds, always focusing on an organic human feel.

Please feel free to download the reference manual, which is embedded in the GUI of the instrument. You can find it by pressing the info button 'i'. If you need a PDF/downloadable manual, please look at the Vertigo Violin or Vertigo Strings manual since the general functions are the same.

A walkthrough/ overview what you can expect from VERTIGO WIND